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Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tent for Glamping


122 rooms
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Luxurious camping is a great way to get you a refreshing start. If you’ve been locked down for so long, chances are, you’re dying to get out there and have a fruitful and unforgettable vacation.

If you want to enjoy camping with style and with luxury, then go for our stargazing bubble tent. Sleep comfortably without having a fly irritate you. This stargazing dome tent is also transparent; you can watch the blinking stars while lying comfortably in it. Plus, it’s weather-proof, hale-proof, and spacious.

Setting up tents is one challenge in camping, but a bubble tent makes it so much easier. With the air blower, you can just leave it pumping. These igloo tents are pump-dependent. But don’t worry, the air blowers are designed to be quiet so they will not disturb your camping experience.

Bubble tents are long-lasting. They are made of PVC material that is non-toxic and flame resistant. These tents are good for personal use and for large events too


Easy to Set Up

If you're a person who does not like setting up tents, a person who does not want to get dirty or does not like reading instruction manuals, then this outdoor igloo tent is the right choice for you. It does not even need another pair of hands because you could do it yourself. With the air blower, you can just sit and relax while your bubble tent inflates. Though the air blower needs to be operating for the whole duration of your camping experience, these air blowers are designed to save energy.

Igloo tent

Highly Spacious and Well Ventilated

If you want to feel at home while camping, then don’t worry. It is highly spacious with a minimum of 3m diameter which can fit 2 to 4 people. The largest tent at 5m can fit over 8 to 10 people. The stargazing bubble is well-ventilated. It has air inlets and outlets making it safe against covid viruses.

Stargazing Outdoor bubble tent


Normal tents wear out in time when the pole breaks apart. But our stargazing dome tent doesn't. It is designed to be always under pressure, puncture-resistant, and waterproof. It is made of PVC which is also non-toxic and not inflammable.

Outdoor igloo tent

Business Out of Bubble Tents

If you’re thinking of making money out of these Outdoor Single Tunnel Inflatable Bubble Tents then go for it. It creates a different outdoor experience for your guests.

Benefits of Making Profit Out of Inflatable Bubble Tents

Saves You a Lot of Money

Rather than making a hotel building, go for the best quality bubble tents.

Low Maintenance

These igloo tents need to be cleaned once in a while to be shining again.


If you have a change in plans, then do not panic. These bubble tents are portable, and you can easily move them to your desired location.

  • Place the white flooring of the tent on a smooth surface to avoid the risk of puncturing the tent.
  • Connect the air blower and activate it.
  • It takes 10 minutes for the bubble tent to be inflated. Do not turn off the air blower to maintain the pressure inside the bubble tent.
  • Relax and enjoy your experience in nature.


Bubble tents can be used for big activities or just for personal use.

Product Classification

Transparent White Edge

Transparent Blue Edge

Transparent Single Channel

Single Transparent. Dual Channel

Package Includes

  • Bubble Tent
  • Air Blower

Frequently Asked Questions

Ours cost $709 (3m), $1040 (4m) and $1230 (5m). Other glamping tents cost $800-$1200.
Glamping tents last about 10-15 years.

Even though these bubble tents are well ventilated, there is still a chance of getting the virus because it is an enclosed space and social distance cannot be met inside the tent.

These tents are also waterproof and flame resistant.

For any inquiries please contact us!

We’re always happy to listen.

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Plastic Type



Be careful with sharp things

Age Range

> 6 years old



Model Number

Inflatable Bubble Tent




blower,repari kits


3m/4m/5m or customed


0.45mm PVC


inflatable bubble tree tent

Bottom Waterproof Index

>3000 mm


Can be placed in furniture to accommodate multiple people




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