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Sea Glass Backsplash Mixed with Grey Stone


Spend for an entire interior renovation without any hassle or worry about your planned budget. This sea glass backsplash leaves an eye-catching and mesmerizing impression to anyone at first glance.

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This sea glass backsplash leaves an eye-catching and mesmerizing impression to anyone at first glance. A radiant style with its combination of colors with an iconic touch of a brilliant blue color to give any room an enchanting effect. Spend for an entire interior renovation without any hassle or worry of your planned budget. Spend less while giving your home a fashionable yet simple decor



Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be quite heavy on the budget but don’t fret, these sea glass backsplashes are just the way to go. They are durable, fashionable, and yet budget-friendly for your interior renovation plans. It mimics real hard tiles while being much more inexpensive.Your overall cost will significantly drop as they will not require any other tools or materials.

Sea Glass Backsplash

Glass Tile Design

Its design does wonders for giving a sophisticated flair to your home, it especially adds visual interest and illuminates any reflected light that enters through your windows. Its distinct design will easily enhance your home for any upcoming new house constructions you would have in mind.For just an alternative choice of a hard tile, these backsplashes are of exceptional value that work well even if they are inexpensive. They give just as much eye-catching effects from beginning to the end. Glass tiles work well as a classic choice that will make sure that your homes flare will look fashionable almost forever.

sea glass backsplash

Simple Installation

Whether you plan for any interior renovations, it is needless to say it will cost you time. But with the use of beach glass tile backsplash, it takes you less time to give your home a new makeover. Simple to install, just peel it off then stick, and just like it’s installation, cleaning up its aftermess will barely be any hassle. Give your home a little TLC without spending more time than you needed.

Sea Glass Backsplash Mixed with Grey Stone

Easy to Clean

Best part of having these sea glass tile backsplashes is they are easy to clean through simple vacuuming or making sure to sweep on a daily basis. They are low maintenance so damp cleaning can be done for occasional purposes, or you can just use a dry cloth to wipe them down. The right choice of grout will also ensure you no headache of messy cleaning.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether it is a tiny house construction,giving your home a specific style of your choice is one of the fun parts of interior design, which is why these sea glass backsplashes will work well in your favor as it will make sure your home will look significantly improved. An interior makeover that will make sure to mark your home’s timeless beauty by your own personalised aesthetic.

beach glass backsplash



sea glass backsplash kitchen bathroom

Remodel your kitchen into something more visually interesting through the help of these backsplashes, they are durable, sanitary and just what you need to make your kitchen more vibrant and lively.

Living room

Come home to your comfort space with exactly the desire to relax and just sit back down while admiring your own beautiful living room.


Turn your personal space into something you have always dreamt of. Customize and design your room with these sea glass backsplashes and in the end you’ll get to feel the quality of an instant improvement for your room.

Laundry room

Even rooms like this need just the equal care for a little makeover to make sure your workspace is just as lively as your resting area.

Fireplace Background

Have a few cutouts left? Why not enhance your fireplace much more with a few embellishments around it. A small detail but a big contribution to giving your home a much more lively atmosphere.



Item: LSGS01

Material: Glass Marble Stone

Sheet Size: 300x300mm/12×12 inches

Usage: High quality glass marble mosaic perfect for Wall/ Bathroom Shower/Bedroom wall/Kitchen backsplash/Living room/Fireplace background wall art decoration.

Additional Features:

  • Moisture-Proof
  • Water Resistant
  • Mold-Proof
  • Anti-static

Packaging Options

Package orders come in 1 or 11 pieces for each order and are packed by standard cartons or wooden pallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glass tiles are noticeably beautiful while giving a contemporary-looking design, it does not only go well as a kitchen backsplash but it also works well for its probability that molds and mildew are less likely to grow on it.
Glass backsplashes are incredibly durable but are delicate in their raw form so a little bit of caution is advised when installing them.

Backsplashes should go behind the stove to give your wall some protection besides from it being a decorative piece, it saves you the headache from a messy cleaning job. It protects your wall from grease and the splatter from cooking, although do not worry as your tile backsplashes are heat-resistant and any grease splattered into the wall will be an easy clean up with the right grouting choices.

Glass tiles are a classic visual choice but even most designers agree that they will be here to stay for more years to come. It’s versatility for styling almost all rooms and the benefits that come with it such as its imperviousness and its ability to actually reflect light and its colors in a room, perfect for giving a room a brighter atmosphere.
Glass tiles are harder to install than your usual ceramic backsplashes but they are still easy to install without much need of experience. You just need to require a little bit more caution while installing them. You may need to do a lot of cutting with a set of nippers or scissors but it all depends on what size or shape you will need for your walls.

How to install a glass tile backsplash REAL DIY TIPS

Materials needed:

  • Glass backsplash
  • Tile adhesive
  • Spacers
  • Bag of grout
  • Bucket
  • Grout sealer

Tools needed:

  • Sander tool
  • Tile trout
  • Pointed trowel
  • Smaller trowel
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Grout float
  • Glass Tile cutter/
  • Wet saw
  • Grout mixer


  1. Make sure to sand your walls from any uneven textures before applying any tiles, the goal is to prep a flat surface for your backsplash tiles. Remove all socket covers and loosen them up before starting the process.
  2. You can start out by laying out your tiles and determine how many you may need
  3. Next is to cut your glass tiles into your required width and length.
  4. Afterwards, apply your tile adhesive before installing your backsplash, use your trowel to make sure that the excess of tile adhesive is scraped off for a better even coat.
  5. Once you have set your tile adhesive, install your tiles and be as meticulous as you want so your tiles are put into their proper place for a better outcome.
  6. You can then use a flat board and push it up against the tiles while using a hammer so the tiles are tapped tight into the adhesive.
  7. Before the adhesive dries, grab a wet sponge and wipe off the adhesive from the front.
  8. If you are at a point where you need to cut around a switch, you can lay out the back of your tile and measure the area that you would need to cut out with the use of your tile cutter and scissors and then install.
  9. After you have installed all your tiles, mix your grout together and apply it straight onto the surface to fill in the gaps.
  10. After applying your grout, grab a sponge and wash off the excess grout to get rid of its white haze. Once you have cleaned up, you can put your electric outlets back together and enjoy the view of your stylized kitchen.

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