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Container Home Contractor & Supplier in the Philippines

Looking for a top-notch container home contractor and prefab container house supplier in the Philippines? You’re in the right spot

What we offer

Low cost but classy, fast to construct yet highly rigid, Container House is a way to go if you want to balance both worlds - a beautiful and economical housing solution.

Arcgo offers Detachable Container House, Flatpack Shipping Container House, and Custom-Built Modular Homes at a fair value. We also offer on-site building of a house out of shipping containers.

Detachable container house is our standard container home that’s the most economically priced.
The Flat-Pack shipping container is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and more durable container house.
Together, we will design your dream modular house and provide you with free CAD model for visualization.
Build your shipping home using used or new cargo containers. Stay on style and sophisticated with lots of customization options!

Discover more services and products below!

Reliable Container House Supplier in the Philippines

Modern, modular, and lovely, we offer modern and easily assembled container housing in the Philippines.

Engineered to withstand super typhoons, strong rains, gusty winds, and earthquakes, we offer prefab homes robustly made for your family’s enhanced safety.

Our modular housing solutions range from standard, low-cost container vans to upscale luxury container house solutions

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Detachable Container House

Detachable container house is our standard container home that’s the most economically priced. This best suits you if you’re on a budget and want to build a house in just 2 to 6 months. Rest assured the detachable container house can last 10 to 15 years.

Budget and economical

Competitive price

Can be easily connected with bolts

You won’t need a contractor for installation. Fast transportation and lightweight, yet highly sturdy with thick wall panels and reinforced beams


Fast and easy to assemble with up to 3-storey building

Weather-resistant, waterproof

Sturdy structure and can be used as a single portable home

No need for extra finishing

Equipped with double-glazed glass windows with aluminum alloy window frames; with high-grade fiber cement board

Application of Detachable Container House

detachable container bedroom
  • Container Van Building
  • Prefabricated Small Houses
  • Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes
  • Inexpensive Prefab Homes
  • Temporary housing
  • Houses that need to last for 15 years
  • Perfect for container van office designs
  • Barracks
  • Restaurant
  • Canteen
  • Dormitories
  • Showroom
  • Shop
  • School extension
  • Clinics
  • Warehouse
  • Guardhouse
  • Guesthouse
  • Airbnb rooms
Detachable Container (38)

Interested in Detachable Container House?

Flatpack Container House

The Flatpack Container House is our top-tier prefab modular home. The Flat-Pack shipping container is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and more durable container house. It’s backed up with a highly durable steel structure that lasts longer than our detachable container house. Our flat pack container homes can last 15 to 25 years.
High quality, low cost
Stackable up to a 3-story building
Long service life

Aesthetically-pleasing and doesn’t need extra finishing
Easy to assemble, transport, and disassemble

Equipped with 1 door + windows, EPS panel insulation, and fiber cement floor; Only needs 4 workers to assemble 1 unit in just 2 hours

Foundation is not necessary if you only need it for temporary housing
Flatpack container

Application of Flatpack Container House

  • Modern Prefabricated Houses
  • High-end Prefab Homes
  • Cool Prefab Homes
  • Warehouse
  • Bathrooms
  • Camping houses
  • Isolation facility
  • Hospital
  • Commercial building
  • Office
  • Malls
flatpack container

Interested in Flatpack Container House?

40ft expandable contianer house ARCGO

Expandable Container House

400 sq ft (37 sq m) insulated sandwich panels container home. Available in 20ft and 40ft expandable container house sizes.
Best for fast installations

Competitive price

Can be easily connected with bolts

You won’t need a contractor for installation. Fast transportation and lightweight, yet highly sturdy with thick wall panels and reinforced beams

Weather-resistant, waterproof

Sturdy structure and can be used as a single portable home

No need for extra finishing

Equipped with double-glazed glass windows with aluminum alloy window frames; with high-grade fiber cement board

Custom Built Container House

Luxury housing can be achieved without spending equally like traditional home construction!

With Arcgo’s custom-built container homes, you can build a wonderful and equally sturdy home in the Philippines for retirement or luxurious living.


Send us your design in mind and we will discuss with you how your dream home can be built with shipping containers.


Perfect for commercial buildings, businesses, coffee shops, and shopping malls, custom-built containers can give an architecturally beautiful building that your customers would want to spend their time on. Plus, the percentage savings on construction costs is cheaper than brick and cement buildings.


  • Prefab Cabins
  • Prefab Cottages For Sale
  • Prefab Designer Homes
  • Large Prefab Homes
  • Energy Efficient Prefab Homes


  • Prefab Eco House
  • Prefab Trailer Homes
  • Prefabricated Modules
  • Prefab Townhouse
  • Luxury Prefabricated Homes

How to Install a Container House

Installation in easy, here's how:

find a suitable location

1. Location

Find a suitable location. You can consult with us if your location/terrain is suitable enough for a container house installation.

install frame

2. Install Frame

From the container house kit, install the frame, corner beams, bottom beams, and top beams.

install windows and doors

3. Install Windows & Doors

install floor

4. Install the Floor Boards

Place the floor boards provided

install electricity

5. Install the Electric Conduits

ready for use!

6. Ready for Use!

How It Works


Send us a message

In your message, you can provide your container house design plan. If you don’t have a drawing/design yet, browse our library of designs and send us the link of the design you prefer. Check out our library of designs.



We will give you a quotation. Once you approve, you will need to sign a contract with us.



Payment through bank transfer.



We will send the container house to your site.

Want to Hire a Contractor to Build Your Shipping Container Home Onsite? Send us a message!

Shipping Container Home Contractor in the Philippines

If you want to build a more customized, off-beat architectural structure you need to hire a shipping contractor to satisfy that need.

ARCGO also offers a one-stop package for design-build construction for used or new shipping containers.

We take care of the following:

  • Site prep and assembly,
  • Welding
  • Plumbing,
  • electrical and wiring installation
  • insulation,
  • tiling,
  • finishes and painting,
  • and other aspects

Get a fresh, sophisticated architectural building that will stand out!

With container house installation and setup, you can save more on labor costs and fabricators. We can build, customize and install your shipping container house following the Building Code of the Philippines. Our general contractor can make sure you get all the house features you need and want. Just talk to us about the specifics. Or Scroll down to know more about what ARCGO can offer!
shipping container house with solar panel on top visualization
interior design container house

Container House Builder

Building a DIY container house can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any experience in plumbing, wiring, welding, and fabrication. You might end up with larger expenses if you construct it wrong.


With ARCGO, you can sit back and relax while we convert and build a robust container house for you. With our expertise in house and building constructions, you can ensure that your structure can last long, is weather-proof, and is sustainable.


If you don’t have a cargo container yet, don’t worry! We can order affordable shipping containers for you and construct your dream house.


Costs may vary depending on the features you want, but they generally cost less than traditional houses and buildings. A Standard Container may fit a one-story home, a temporary facility, clinic, makeshift hospital, warehouse, restaurant, office, store, etc.

Prefab Home Contractor

If you already have a prefabricated home, a ready-made house, or a manufactured housing shipped to your lot, we offer an affordable package for extra customization such as plumbing, wiring, lighting, water tank installation, and other services depending on your needs.

Why Choose ARCGO?

Affordable Cost for Filipinos Who Want Have a House

We aim to give you the best cost in the market for building your home using container houses.

High Engineering Quality

We ensure we are lining up the container homes made from high-quality, certified materials manufactured from an ISO 9001 facility. The container house products are also CE certified. This ensures you’re getting guaranteed products.

24/7 Support

We are a driven team that will stop at nothing to give you the best service. Have further questions? Just leave us a chat through our Facebook Messenger, Text us or Email us and we will chat with you personally.

Up-to-date Designs & Construction Materials

We stay up-to-date with the latest container house trends, designs, and construction innovations and will only deliver you the best. We continually improve our construction services and products to make sure you get the greatest at a low cost.

Company Permits & Licenses

pcab logo

Send us a message about your plans

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, container house is a good choice of affordable housing in the Philippines. Many Filipinos yearn for stability but find it difficult to buy a house due to poverty. If you need want to build a sturdy house with a limited budget, a container house is a great idea.
Yes. PAG-IBIG members can loan money for their container house construction. You may also apply for a loan for your residential lot where the prefab container house is to be installed. The maximum amount that a PAG-IBIG member can loan depends on his capacity to pay. To maximize your loaning capacity, you and a family member who is also a PAG-IBIG member can apply for the same house loan.
Yes. Building codes apply to all houses and buildings in the Philippines, regardless if it is a container house construction/installation. Building Permit will include the Barangay Permit, Building Permit, and Occupancy Permit. These permits take time to process just like in processing permits for any traditional houses in the Philippines.
There are two types of container homes: prefabricated/modular container houses and shipping/cargo container homes. Prefab modular homes are built in a factory, manufactured in a production line, finished with the electrical fixtures and painting, and shipped to your lot/site for assembly. There’s no need for a contractor to assemble it. You’d only need workers to install the frame, wall panels, windows, doors, and lighting which are all provided in a package. Shipping container homes, on the other hand, are houses built out of used or new cargo containers. You would need a contractor to build the shipping container house for you, install the plumbing system, electrical, lighting, etc. There’s a lot of welding, cleaning, insulation, and finishing involved.
If you’re a minimalist and just want an economically-made house, go for a prefab container home. You can purchase it from us and we will ship it to your site. But if you are after a sophisticated, architecturally pleasing house, go for a shipping container construction. We also offer this service. If you are interested, you can ask us for a quotation.

Yes, our prefab flat-pack container houses are insulated with 50mm EPS Color Steel sandwich panels.

Yes, container houses are generally made from corten steel, a type of steel that endures hurricanes, storms, and harsh weather. The material can also withstand high temperatures even without painting.

Cargo sea containers are mostly secure as it’s designed to safely keep products from imports and exports.

Regular homes in the Philippines may cost 20,000 PHP/sqm to 45,000 PHP/sqm ($400 to $900 per sqm). Modular container homes can cost 18,000 PHP/sqm to 35,000 PHP/sqm depending on the complexity of the design you want.

A prefab container house that came from a factory, fresh and unused, may last 10 to 50 years depending on the type you choose. The most economical product we have, the detachable container house, can last 10 to 15 years. Our flat-pack container house can last 15 to 30 years. Shipping container homes built from new cargo containers may last up to 50 years, depending on how you maintain it.

Container houses can have a very large resale value of up to 100% and above. Plus, being able to move them, dismantle them and deliver them anywhere makes it attractive.

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