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What Kind of Plan & Design Service Do You Need?

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Engineering Design

Project planning of a construction is never complete without an organized Engineering Design. ARCGO follows a complete engineering design process which integrates your expectations/ideas and the realization of the ideal structure or product. We do this by combining technology with creativity.

Our team will assess what you need through, perhaps, a cup of coffee and a site visit. Our Engineering Design Services Team will collate your ideas with our expertise and knowledge in structural design and construction. We will generate the most feasible and sustainable design for you. Finally, we will generate a general plan or a blueprint which may contain the following:

  • CAD Drawings/CAD Design Plan
  • FEA services
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Material specifications
  • Testing standards

structural building
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Structural Design

A building structure would always be subjected to different wind loads, gravity and a couple of natural and dynamic forces.

There are a lot of factors to be considered in the stability of houses in the Philippines to build a sound structural design. Afterall, this is a tropical country, with some areas vulnerable to the trench and tropical winds. 

If you’re planning to build a house in this country, we, at ARCGO ensure it’s built on a solid ground and with complete high quality concrete and materials. Part of our services includes Structural Analysis by a professional team of licensed engineers.

Structural Designs may include the following:

Concrete, wood and steel specification and site plan design

– Foundation and facade design, with weatherproofing and waterproofing

-Solar panel roof installation plan and analysis.

-Evaluation of failures and development of remediation plans

If you have any other concerns or additional structural design services, feel free to discuss it with us.

modernized 2 storey house in the philippines
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Architectural Design

In every building construction plan we make, one of the most important parts is its architectural design. Part of ARCGO’s diversified and excellent services is providing a top-notch Architectural Plan and Design for every project. 

Whether yours is a residential building, a house or a commercial building, our skilled Architect will leverage your ideas to make an impact.

The Architectural Design of a structure translates a certain message to the community – your audience. Every design aspect in your whole structure, such as your kitchen, bedroom and dining layout, interacts with one way or another. 

Moreover, building a sustainable, plus an environmentally-friendly design can enhance people’s vision, emotion and productivity. When you’re ready to execute your home ideas, tell us what you need and we can make it more sustainable for you.

If you have any other concerns or additional architectural design services, feel free to discuss it with us.

electrical wiring plan and design
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Electrical Design

Electrical Design for building construction is part of a larger and more complex building design services. After a comprehensive analysis of the general structure of the building, an electrical layout and wiring diagram will be made. This is in coordination with the Structural, Architectural, Lighting, and Interior Design.

Making a complete electrical design and installation plan can save a huge amount of time and money from losses in trips, overloads and short circuits. 

ARCGO will develop an electrical design system for you by our team of professional engineers. All necessary specifications will be placed according to the standards set by the Philippine Electrical Code. This will include the following:

-Circuit diagram

-Low voltage circuit diagram

-Load computation

-Lighting design layout

-Communications design system

-Grounding design system

home with modern interior design
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Interior Design

What is the type of home you want to retire in? Or, do you want a lavish and comfy condominium unit where you can de-tangle from stress every time you go home? Then you need a custom interior design fitting your specific criteria!

ARCGO provides affordable interior design services to sweeten the deal of your already budget-friendly renovation costs. You can also consult with us the color and type of materials you want for your construction or renovation plans.

If you have any other concerns or additional interior design services, feel free to discuss it with us.

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ARCGO General Engineering

ARCGO is a family-owned general construction business in Benguet, Philippines, providing Engineering and Architectural services. Engr. Eugene Celino established the business in 2010. Being an Independent Contractor having 24 years of experience in the construction field and combining his entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and negotiation skills grants him and his team success in all projects. But projects wouldn’t be more successful without  the guidance and partnership of his wife, Architect Phyllis Celino.  

If you have a project of your own, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation.

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