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General Construction Services, House Construction, Residential Building, and many more

Affordable Construction Services in the Philippines for Houses & Buildings

ARCGO General Engineering is your best builder contractor in the Philippines. Since we are a small family-business with 24 years experience, we know what construction value means to our clients. We offer design-build services with quality workmanship, efficiency & affordability. Our virtue lies in the proper compliance with the Building Code of the Philippines, so you can thrive in your property at ease. We accept payment from secure payment options and low down-payment.

What Type of Construction Services Do You Need?

House Construction

You can send us your sketch, or home plans. We will provide you with an estimated cost for your home construction.


You can also have us design your property from scratch. Our residential contractor will get in touch with you to communicate with specifications.


Our key advantage compared with other home builders is our determination to give you value engineering and construction. We will provide suggestions and even send a secondary home plan if we assess a better way of saving on costs, while maintaining sustainability.

Once your house plan & design is concluded, you may also want your home 3D model sent to your doorstep.

This can fully help you visualize how your dream house is built for you and how furniture is laid out.

ARCGO can be your one-stop solution for turnkey design-build construction. With our many years of experience in constructing buildings in the Philippines, we know the fauna and flora of each province. We know exactly where your building should stand and where it shouldn’t for the best soil mechanics and structural optimization.


Engineering consultation and costing is provided for free. We then offer you general building design and construction services, as well as construction management, supervision and maintenance work.


You may also have us prepare a 3D Architectural Model for your commercial building prior to construction for visualization.


Our portfolio extends to many types of building construction projects such as offices, residential buildings, schools, power stations, clinics, sports facilities, and many more. We also provide structural additions and renovation services.


For a new building construction, we offer the following services:

  • Structural and Civil Works
  • Road Improvement
  • Demolition Works
  • Concrete and Masonry, Roofing
  • Drywall Ceiling and Partition
  • Plumbing Works
  • Electrical Installations, Network Cable Installations
  • Metal Works, Woodworks, and Furniture Customization
  • Painting and Finishing
  • Tile Installation, Doors and Windows

Patio & Deck

Is your deck or patio giving up on you? We provide exterior renovations, as well as new deck additions to your house.

sunlit patio deck with chairs and plants and wooden flooring

Tile & Flooring

Is your tile wearing out or has multiple cracks? Then it’s time to replace them. If you need an affordable tile replacement or flooring reconstruction, ARCGO provides them at an affordable rate.

Types of flooring materials include cement, flagstones, bricks, marble, ceramic, glass, wood, linoleum, plastic, asphalt and many more.

Privacy Fencing & Paving

If you need an additional privacy for your residence, building or garden, ARCGO also provides Fencing and Paving services. We provide our clients with multiple options and materials which include wood fencing, stainless steel or glass partitions, granite paving, and many more.


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