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Where to Buy Container House in the Philippines & FAQs Answered

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Where to Buy Container House in the Philippines & FAQs Answered

Looking for a container house for sale? In this post, we’ll guide you on various container home builders in the Philippines. We will also provide you with tips regarding the most frequent questions about container houses in the Philippines.

Container house architecture is increasingly getting popular in the Philippines. Being an alternative to traditional housing, prefabricated and reused container houses are a way to build homes with a lower budget.


With the strike of the pandemic, hospitals, along with the government’s effort, using containers to deal with the rise of COVID-19 cases. They have equipped containers with medical equipment to handle COVID cases. It is evident, however, that containers are already in use for restaurants, food stalls, and other business establishments along the streets.


Container for housing is leaning towards popularity recently, as seen in social media. On the bigger picture, it is broadcasted that the Asia- Pacific Region would be the biggest annual growth rate with 7.5% in container housing by 2025, according to Allied Market Research, as compared to the global forecast of 6.5% CAGR.


If you are interested to build a container house or at least interested to know more, here is the list of companies that build container homes the Philippines.

Where to Buy Container House in the Philippines

Where to buy container house in the Philippines? Here are some of the best container house suppliers to contact:

Where to Buy Container House in the Philippines & FAQs Answered
arcgo general engineering logo

Available Container House Products:

  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Detachable Container House
  • Custom Prefabricated Container House


  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Detachable Container House
  • Custom Prefabricated Container House
detachable container bedroom

Arcgo General Engineering is a construction company and an eCommerce store for all-around construction and home renovation needs. They also provide modular container and prefabricated houses, as well as custom prefab homes with a free consultation and 3D design (depending on complexity). Their flat pack and detachable container houses are easy to install, stackable, and heavy-duty.

Arcgo is a family-owned construction company with over 24 years of service for private and public projects. The company’s experience is extensive, with projects from commercial/ residential buildings, prefabricated buildings, road and highway works, real estate development, to hydroelectric power plant construction.

Based in Benguet, the company provides all-in-one services for planning & design, construction, and renovation. Some of the benefits include quick-response service, a consumer-based focus for choosing home improvement products, and down-to-earth pricing.

2. Container Living Ph

container living logo

Available Container House Products:

  • Partial Prefabrication: Fabrication with mechanical, plumbing, electrical
  • Full Prefabrication: Fabrication and installation on site


  • Material: Class B Shipping Containers, coated with automotive-grade paint
  • Dimensions: Standard Shipping Container Size, 20 ft & 40 ft
  • Package contains: Mechanical/ Plumbing/ Electrical
  • Customization: Available

Container Living Ph is a company dedicated to using decommissioned shipping containers for commercial and residential spaces. The company makes use of shipping containers for modularity, being able to be combined and modified for larger projects.

Container Living Ph offers Full and Partial Prefabrication for its customers. Full Prefab includes the installation of the container house on site, ready for occupancy, with the completion of the foundation by a local contractor. On the other hand, partial prefab covers electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services during fabrication, and remaining services to be rendered by a general contractor.

The company boasts completed projects mostly in Luzon and the Greater Manila Area.

3. Smart House

smart house logo

Available Container House Products:

  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Warehouse
  • Prefab House
  • Prefab Booths


  • Material: Steel Container
  • Dimensions: 20 ft container
  • Package contains: Insulation, windows, flooring, lighting, electrical
  • Customization: Available

Smart House is a manufacturer and supplier for innovative prefabricated buildings in the Philippines. Their product portfolio includes various prefab house types, which feature luxury, villa, and standard type houses. They also have flat pack containers, foldable containers, prefab kiosks, as well as cement EPS panels.

Smart House provides delivery for its products nationwide, with showrooms and offices in Manila, Iloilo, Cebu, and Davao. The company is prominent in the construction of prefabricated warehouses, and large-scale pre-engineered buildings.

4. Indigo

indigo logo

Available Container House Products:

  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Warehouse
  • Prefab Tent


  • Material: Pre-coated steel structure
  • Dimensions: 20 ft Container, 40 ft Container, Custom sizes
  • Package contains: Insulation, Lighting & Electrical, Doors & Windows
  • Customization: Available

Indigo is a distributor of prefabricated and container houses based in Binondo, Manila. With 12 years of experience in the industry, the company provides a wide selection of prefab structures such as single-story, multistorey, villa type, tents, warehouses, and others.

Indigo has a portfolio of constructed projects in Makati, Pampanga, Laguna, and other sites. These projects include prefabricated warehouses, site offices, warehouses, garages, and many more.

5. Cubo

cubo logo

Available Container House Products:

  • Standard Cubo Plans
  • Custom Cubo design


  • Material: Prefabricated bamboo
  • Dimensions: 30 to 60 sq.m. floor area (for standard Cubo plans)
  • Package contains: Fully Furnished
  • Customization: Available

Cubo is a manufacturing company in the Philippines known for its prefabricated bamboo house kits. The company presents its products as a combination of modular design, renewable local materials, and rapid manufacturing.

The company provides a selection of their Standard Cubo Plans with a variety of designs and spaces. Moreover, they also accept custom designs to satisfy specific customer requirements.

Cubo also provides a housing payment plan to alleviate costs in purchasing their prefabricated homes. They allow housing plans with 0% interest up to a 10-year payment period.

FAQs Answered

How Much Does a Container House Cost in the Philippines?

Modular container houses can cost from Php 18,000/ sq.m. to Php 35,000/ sq.m., depending on the design and complexity.


As compared to traditional housing, container housing can be cheaper as traditional construction is priced from Php 20,000/ sq.m. to Php 45,000/ sq.m.

Are Container Houses Safe?

Yes, shipping container houses are manufactured with Corten steel, which is manufactured to endure extreme weather conditions whether it be strong rains or extreme sunlight.


Container houses are also made liveable with insulation, which is installed within the walls, roof, and flooring of container houses.

How Long Can a Container House Last?

Brand-new prefab containers can last from 10 to 50 years, depending on the quality. For example, our detachable container house can last 10 to 15 years. For the flat-pack container, its lifetime can be from 15 to 30 years. On the other hand, brand new cargo containers can last up to 50 years. All these lifetime estimates can be prolonged depending on how you maintain them.

Is Container House Good in the Philippines?

Yes. Container housing is a good, affordable way to construct a house in the Philippines. With container houses, Filipinos can have a sturdy house on a lower budget.

Can You Loan in PAG-IBIG for Container House Construction?

Yes. you can loan for container house construction in PAG-IBIG. You can apply for both the residential lot and the container house expenses. Take note that the maximum amount that you can loan will depend on your capacity to pay. You can maximize your loans by having another family member apply for the same loan.

Are You Required to Have a Building Permit for Container House Construction?

Yes, it is required. The building code does apply to all buildings in the Philippines. To apply for a building permit, you will need these requirements: proof of lot ownership, application forms, detailed plan, design analysis and tests ( for buildings with two-storeys and up), proof of property, and copies of involved engineers/ architects.

Prefab Container vs Shipping Container House: What Is the Difference Between the Two?

First, prefab container houses are manufactured in a factory, which can also include electrical fixtures, plumbing, etc, and then shipped to your location for assembly. You will not need a contractor for a prefab house assembly.

Shipping container houses are houses built using used or new shipping containers. This will need a contractor to modify the container, install mechanical & electrical systems, etc. Shipping container housing will involve a process of cutting, welding, insulation and finishing.

Final Thoughts

The growing demand for container housing will need a good source of suppliers for the Philippine market. With this guide, we hope you have known more about container house suppliers and considered selecting one that works for your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact Arcgo for your container house needs.

About the Author:

Engr. Sherwin Nico Emiliano is a Licensed Mechanical Engineer, and a contributor for ARCGO. He has worked previously with several projects of the company with regards to 3D modeling and animation, 3D printing, and cost estimates. He currently assists the company with content creation for ARCGO website.  

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  1. I am interested to buy your prefab house to be installed in San Pablo Laguna may I know how much is the cost of 1 room and bathroom of this kind of house, my friends told me that this kind of house is much cheaper compare to the usual house construction where there is possiblity of exceeding to the budget. I also saw your cubo house may I know of it has a room inside?
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