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Touchless Kitchen Faucet with LED Light

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Forget the nightmare of working with those messy and complicated kitchen faucets, and experience a whole new level of convenience with our touchless kitchen faucets! Purchase now and let our touchless faucet make work simpler for you.


The newest, innovative, and aesthetic sensor kitchen faucet introduces the smartest, safest, and most convenient way of washing and cleaning. Powered with its best feature- motion sensor activation, you can easily and effortlessly finish your chores right away!


Its touchless activation is especially beneficial now more than ever, as it would surely come in handy to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria.


Touchless kitchen faucets are built with only the best and quality materials guaranteeing their longevity. Plus, it exhibits a futuristic style that would surely be perfect for your plans of a condo kitchen remodel or starting that ideal dream kitchen.



Touchless Sensor Activation

With a 15 cm sensor activation distance, touchless kitchen faucets allow you to work hassle-free without creating any mess or spreading bacteria on surfaces as you won’t need to physically turn any valves.

Adjustable Temperature with LED Indicator

With its simple temperature switcher and LED Indicator, you can easily find the perfect temperature and avoid the horror of scalds and burns.

touchless kitchen faucet

Water Saving

Solenoid valves were built to function in a way where it prevents water from leaking, saving you a lot of trouble and expenses.

sensor kitchen faucet features 2

Brass casting

Expect a durable and long lasting quality with brass’ resistance to corrosion and rust.

sensor kitchen faucet features 3


Aside from its sophisticated and unique design, it also displays a natural waterfall-like cascade of flowing water, along with vibrant color lights.

touchless kitchen sink faucet


Planning on starting your kitchen’s ideal style and theme? Get your kitchen planners ready and make sure to include our touchless kitchen faucet. Sophisticated and versatile in its own way, here are some suggestions for an effective touchless faucet application.


Type: Touchless sensor faucet, Hands-free faucet

Color: single standard color – silver

Features: sensor activated, with LED light indicator, waterfall water flow type, adjustable temperature,

LED light indicator: Red-Hot, Green-Warm, Blue-Cold

Flow rate: 8L / min

Sensing distance: 15 cm

Installation type: single hole installation (G ½ inches), stand-mounted

Power source: 4 AA batteries (NOT included in package)

Materials: brass body, chrome finishing, solenoid valve

Faucet Size:

Faucet Height: 5.7 inches (145mm)
Spout Height: 4.3 inches (110mm)
Spout Reach: 3.4 inches (87mm)

Package includes:
1x faucet (main), 1x control box or battery box, 1x temperature valve, 1x G ½ main hose, 3 washers, 1x User manual, mounting accessories

Note: hot and cold water inlet hoses and batteries are NOT included

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  • Our touchless kitchen faucet with LED light comes with a 1-year warranty (excluding damaged or overused products), while accessories comes with a 3-month warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Touchless faucets or hands-free faucets are literally faucets that function without even touching or turning any valves. Instead, it uses a type of sensor that detects your hand, an object or motion, depending on the faucet’s build.

If you are new to this type of faucet fixture, you can read this interesting and comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about touchless kitchen faucets.

Touchless faucets rely on a technology called automatic sensor. For it to work, the faucet has a small infrared light that is directed towards the area where you place objects to wash. Next to it is an infrared sensor that detects the infrared light. This sensor then detects infrared light which bounces off from your hand or other objects, which then triggers the faucet to function, even without touching it. In other terms, once you place your hand or an object over the sensor, the faucet will automatically turn on; and will also stop once no motion or object is detected.
  1. Place faucet
    Simply insert the faucet body in the prepared installation hole.
  2. Secure faucet
    From below, place the nut and mounting accessories to tighten and secure (with a screwdriver or wrench) the faucet in place.
  3. Connect hoses
    Connect one end of the main hose to the faucet body and the other end to the control box. Also, connect both hot and cold water inlet pipes to the control box as well. Place one each washer along the openings of each hose.
  4. Install control or battery box
    Now that you have connected all houses to the control box, secure the control box in a secured and accessible area near the sink.
    Place 4 AA batteries
  5. Install temperature valve
    Attach and secure the temperature valve to the control box. See to it that the valve is installed correctly and securely.
  6. Plug data cables
    Connect the data cable (which is pre connected to the faucet body) to the slit found in the battery box
  7. Connect to main water supply
    Turn on the main water supply and connect through the inlet hoses. Test if it is working properly and check the faucet’s functionality, sensor activation, and temperature mixers.
Yes, While its features and quality are definitely versatile and reliable, Touchless kitchen faucets lack an auto off feature, so it will continuously function as long as its motion sensor detects something. Meaning, it can continuously run by mistake.

You can purchase touchless kitchen faucets in our shop, along with other varieties of faucets and other products for your home renovation.

Yes, most touchless faucets need electricity to function. Though there are some brands and models that require only dry cell batteries, or some that can use both electricity and batteries to ensure continued use when one is unavailable.
  • Features

Touchless faucets are products of innovation, so make sure to browse and research every model and type there is, in order to pick the best from the rest.


  • Activation

Touchless faucets may all sound the same, but some actually differ in sensitivity, sensor distance, and number of sensors. So, make sure to research thoroughly before getting that specific faucet.


  • Power and water source

Do you prefer faucets that are electricity powered, battery powered, or both electric and battery powered? Is there a continuous water source in your home? Check the availability of your resources beforehand so nothing goes to waste.


  • Quality build

Brass is ideally a solid bet for faucet fixtures, but sometimes quality materials cost more. Fortunately, there are alternative good options such as stainless steel and zinc alloys that are still within the budget.


  • Installation

All faucets are built differently, so prepare beforehand and make sure that your mounting holes and desks match with the touchless faucet you are planning to buy.

For any inquiries please contact us!

We’re always happy to listen.

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Hot & Cold Water



Ceramic Plate Spool


Single Holder Single Hole

Faucet Mount

Single Hole

Installation Type

Deck Mounted

Number of Handles

Single Handle

Surface Treatment

Polished Chrome

Weight Per Package



Temperature sensitive

Valve Core Material

Solenoid valve


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