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Touch Sensor Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, Smart Sensor Hands Free Tap

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Upgrade your kitchen to a next-level convenience without it being complicated, but still simple at the same time. With our touch sensor pull-out kitchen faucet, washing will never be the same again!



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Enabled with smart and advanced features, Touch sensor kitchen faucets introduce you into a modern, safe, and convenient way of washing and cleaning up. Enabled with the touch sensor feature, it offers an easy and effortless activation that would surely come in handy for busy moms or medical practitioners who are always full on their hands.


With its superior materials and uncomplicated build, we guarantee its long lasting durability and facile results. Thus, making it the Best touch activated kitchen faucet.

pull out kitchen faucet smart sensor features


Touch Activated, Smart Sensor Faucet

With a simple touch on the faucet body, the faucet starts water flow. Unlike traditional handled faucets, touch sensor kitchen faucets promote a faster activation for less contact and minimized bacteria growth and transfer.

hands free faucet smart sensor faucet

Pull-out Spray Faucet with Dual-function spray modes

The 400 mm wear resistant pull-out faucet can be used for easier cleaning and more efficient water usage. Its flexibility and ranged hose allows you to extend and reach areas that are inaccessible and difficult to reach. Equipped with stream and spray mode and hot and cold features, easily switch according to your needs.

pull out kitchen taps two modes of spray bubble mode and shower mode

Quality Brass Casting

Durable, Resilient and long-lasting guaranteed with its leak and corrosion resistance. Thus, making them less likely to rust and corrode which makes it last for even 12 to 20 years.

brass casting kitchen faucet handle

Matte & Nickel finished

With Nickel’s antibacterial properties and anti-fingerprint characteristic, the faucet body would be less likely contaminated giving it a clean pristine look.

nickel brush hands free faucet

Auto off feature

Within a certain amount of time, the smart auto off feature activates. Rest assured that you don’t have to worry about flooded kitchen, mopping spills, or paying extra water bills just because of an accidental sensor activation.

product parameters of smart sensor pull out kitchen tap


Best known for its touchless and sensor-powered feature,Touch sensor kitchen faucets are surely efficient, in-demand, and timely for professional or even personal upgrades.


Be it your condo renovation project, or you’re simply buying accessories for your new home, this touch sensor kitchen faucet would be an eccentric, stylish, but low cost addition to your kitchen.

black pull out kitchen tap


Type: Touch sensor, pull down, single handle
Materials: Brass body, Nickel finished, ceramic valve core
Product size: Total height: 405 mm,

Height from lowest point to spout: 215 mm, width: 220 mm
Installation type: Deck mounted, Single Hole with 30 mm diameter size
Features: pull out house, 360 rotation, touch sensor, dual water flow mode, dual temperature

high quality parts with ceramic pool and thickened seal

Kitchen Faucet Options

A. Color Variety

a variety of color options for pull out kitchen tap

B. Size Options

Different countries will have different pipe sizes so please specify the size of the pipe you need.

Europe – usually 3/8 inch

19mm pipe size
19mm pipe size

North America – usually 9/16 inch

Asia/Other Countries – 1/2 inch pipe size

0.5 inch pipe size (22.6mm or 0.89 inch)

Packaging Options

Package includes the following:

  • 1x main faucet body with 1x pull-down hose,
  • 1x gravitational ball,
  • 1x cold water hose,
  • 1x hot water hose,
  • 1x sensor/ controller box,
  • 1x battery box,
  • mounting accessories
product accessories

Shipping, Returns, Warranty

Shipping & Payment conditions:

  • Your shipping address must be correct and should match the one you provided upon ordering from our website. Addresses in remote areas may charge extra shipping fees.
  • We ship orders via DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, Epacket. Please inform us which would be the best for you.
  • Upon payment, items are usually shipped within 3 business days.
  • For international buyers, please note that Import charges, taxes, and duties are not included in the product and shipping cost.

Return & Warranty:

  • Upon receiving your order/s, check for defectivity. If product/s has issue/s and damage/s, immediately contact us within 7 business days (after receiving order) for resolution and replacement. Replaced orders are usually delivered within 10 business days (after receiving order).
  • Accipiter Touch sensor faucet comes with a 5-year warranty

Important notices:

  • If you plan to purchase bulk or multiple orders, please contact us for the possibility of shipping discounts.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the product/s, inform us before leaving a negative feedback, so we can resolve the issue and do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, touch faucets are sensor powered faucets that are activated and deactivated by simply touching or having contact with almost any area of the faucet body. This is because a human body has electrical charges (also called capacitance) which are detected by the faucet’s built-in sensors.


By touching the faucet, the built-in sensor detects a specific capacitance and then triggers the faucet to function. If these sensors are connected to any conductive material, the material can also act as a sensor. Since faucets are mainly made of metal, every area of the faucet body would most probably detect capacitance. In essence, a touch sensor faucet functions through a technology called capacitance or capacitive sensing.

Important notes before installation:

  • The desk countertop must already be done and prepared
  • Prepare necessary materials: screwdriver, wrench

Installation process:

Step 1: Insert the pull out hose (located in the main faucet body) to the installation hole
Step 2: Insert the mounting accessories to the pull out hose in this order: Rubber gasket, Brass gasket, mounting nut and tighten the screws. Use the picture below for reference.

gaskets, screws and parts kitchen tap

Step 3: Install the control/ sensor box, and connect both water inlet pipes to their corresponding valves
Step 4: Install the gravitational ball in a way that the pull out hose is in the middle of the ball.
Step 5: Place batteries in the battery box, and then connect the wires of the battery box to the sensor box, and sensor box to the main faucet body.


Below is a reference for installation and assembly of the mounting accessories.

kitchen tap pull out style installation

Here’s a video demonstration:

Touch and touchless faucets don’t really have much of a difference. Both are just as innovative and effective in terms of functions. However, people may have different takes on these depending on their preference, needs, and access. So which one would you choose among these 2 great contenders? To help you weigh your options, here is a guide showing the strengths and weaknesses of both faucets.

 Touch faucetsTouchless faucets
Water saving

Easily control water usage as you can just activate and deactivate it by touching. 

Also, Auto off feature greatly saves you trouble and high costs as it automatically stops once it reaches a certain amount of time

Designed in order to lower flow rate and to prevent leakage

Although, water flow won’t stop unless its sensor detects something,so it may be inconvenient when its activated by mistake

Hygiene & CleanlinessAlthough this still involves contact, you can avoid mess by simply activating it using a clean area of your skin Completely avoid mess and bacteria in a touch-free way
ConvenienceVery easy to manipulate by simply touching it to activate Very easy to reach and manipulate by simply placing hands near the sensor
Cost & Installation

The expense of the product, installation, and electricity or batteries is high compared to traditional faucets. Sensors may not work during power outages, unless powered by batteries.

Installation may need professional help

The expense of the product, installation, and electricity or batteries is high compared to traditional faucets. Sensors may not work during power outages, unless powered by batteries.

Installation may need professional help

Brand Name


Surface Treatment



Stainless Steel

Number of Holes for Installation

Single Hole

Cold & Hot Water


Valve Core Material


Number of Handles

Single Handle

Model Number



Cold and Hot

Spray Type

Pull Out

Rotatable Or Not



Ceramic Plate Spool

Surface Finishing

Stainless Steel



Installation Type

Deck Mounted

Product Features

Smart Sensor Touch Control

Product Color

Brush Nickel/Black/Chrome

Flow Types

Spray and Aerated

30 reviews for Touch Sensor Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, Smart Sensor Hands Free Tap

  1. D***v


  2. M***a

    Faucet very well packed, product consistent with the description, not yet mounted, so don’t know how the exercises. Shipment very fast future.

  3. S***a

    Mixer luxury. It looks ultra modern, stylish, the system with a sensor is generally just a delight. Appearance is many times more expensive than cost. Just a find. At first they doubted-they chose between him and the mixer with the filter, but they chose this one and do not get happy. Very cool, stylish, comfortable and modern. Quality is also on top.

  4. A***v

    Installed and works well

  5. A***a

    Crane set! He’s super! Now I touch all the tap and wait for the water to go)) see carefully the description-it is much higher than the usual taps, so it is suitable for a large sink or sink or

  6. D***A

    My wife liked it. Shipping fast. After installation, I will cancel (if I do not forget).

  7. L***i

    Beautifully packaged

  8. K***u

    Delivery 4 days, to the Arkhangelsk region. Everything came intact, the box is not crumpled. Not yet installed. But I’m sure that everything will be OK! Product and store recommend!!!!

  9. D***k

    Parcel was well packaged. No damage. Solid, beautiful, quality looks very good. I am happy with. Soon I wil installed and see how it is working.

  10. R***s

    It came in fast, only in 2 weeks, it’s a little higher the price but, the product is good, the previous one works well, this is the second I buy

  11. R***s

    Haven’t hooked it up yet, but my parents have the same faucet and it’s hard to go back after getting used to the touch sensor, it is super convenient

  12. I***a

    It’s been a long time, but we’re happy. Everything works fine!

  13. P***i

    Very well packed, looks nice.

  14. O***o

    They delivered to Ukraine in a month. I haven’t installed it yet. Stocked well. I recommend. the track was tracked.!!!! Well done. Brought by courier to the entrance.

  15. C***n

    The faucet is very well and the truth is, it seems to have very strong materials. It works very well that the faucet works with a touch but the light thing isn’t true it doesn’t turn on or come out anywhere, I don’t know if that’s a little decorative The truth is that the purchase is recommended but notice that it has no light

  16. A***j

    Super product. Fast shipping. Delivery in 3 days. Helpful store. Bezproblemowy contact. Battery Cudo. Very convenient option with touch. Easy Installation Recommend

  17. G***n

    Looking great, fast shipment. Haven’t installed it yet but looking high quality

  18. F***r

    as described, works well

  19. D***s

    The faucet is perfect. easy to use and the quality is really good. It is also very easy to install.

  20. A***y

    Everything works. just CLASS! the sensor also works, automatically turns off after 2 min and 40 seconds

  21. V***O

    The mixer is received and is already installed on the workplace. that I want to say it turned out to be very huge for my kitchen and a little uncomfortable, very splashing water outside the washing, but I think that you need to get used used to it this is the first impressions of the mixer.

  22. F***a

    It took only five days! Perfect operation and very good comfort, the description was what it put. Sincerely a good purchase and recommended.

  23. J***i

    Goods as described, fast delivery, AND recommend the store, thank you. Goods consistent with the description, fast delivery, recommend seller, thank you.

  24. R***v

    Shipping fast. I wish I could check soon. While kitchen repairs

  25. Customer

    I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Tf I would recommend this to others, I will tell them how it works great.

  26. V***v

    Very cool crane. We have a similar in stores from three and a half thousand, and this store he cost us in a quarter thousand. I came fast enough. Almost a month. Delivered to the meest service. Everything is intact. Packed well. Everything works fine. We really liked this crane. I recommend all this seller and this product!)))

  27. G***a

    The faucet is great. Sadly I can’t upload a video. The pictures cannot show it’s greatness. The touch is working properly. Assembling it to the sink is very easy. Great job guys. I strongly recommend the faucet.

  28. A***n

    I’m happy with the purchase. Easy installation. works well. I’ll see how long

  29. R***a

    Fast delivery, all as in the description, thank you to the store

  30. A***n

    Fast shipping. Everything works. With a stone sink looks perfect.

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