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High Pressure Shower Head

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Our High Pressure Shower Head is made of ABS and Chrome Plating, Hand‑Held, Durable & Easy to Install for a complete soothing experience!


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Do you worry about the continuous leaking of your shower head? Or maybe when you turn on your shower, most of the water does not come out of the holes. Maybe it is time for you to upgrade your shower head to a high pressure rain shower head.


High pressure handheld shower heads are just perfect for you. They give you a pulsing massage.for ultimate relaxation With its rainfall setting, it pretty much covers your body for a quick bath.


But don’t worry much about excessive water. These pressurized shower heads are water-saving and energy-saving. Even with low water flow, it will maximize the water it shoots out to give you your best shower experience.


No experience about installing? No problem as these are easy to install.


A good high pressure shower head should satisfy your needs and wants for a good showering experience.


Made of ABS Plastic

The ABS plastic is not toxic and can also withstand higher temperatures than other materials.

high pressure shower head

Chrome Plated

If you are looking for a high pressure shower head that will not leak, this might be what you are looking for. Chrome Plated shower heads are coated with multi layer metal to avoid leaking.

multilayer plating for high pressure handheld shower head


Indeed, it will provide a pulsing massage, yet the pressurized shower head does save you a lot of money.

water pressure increasing shower head with water conservation

Easy To Install

Thinking about calling a plumber? No need as this powerful shower head fits most standard shower accessories.

installation steps for high presssure shower head


The high pressure handheld shower head can be used in shower rooms and bathrooms. That’s why if you’re planning on your bathroom renovation, choose a high pressure shower head for a soothing bathing experience.


Installation Type: Hand Hold
Is Smart Device: No
Shower Shape: Round
Surface Finishing: Chrome
Certification: None
Material: ABS Plastic
Style: Single Head
Type: Fixed Support Type
Shower Head Feature: Water Saving Shower Heads
Size: 84 mm x 226 mm x 20 mm
Port Size: ½”

powerful shower head dimensions 

one half inches port HP shower head

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Frequently Asked Questions

It means that the shower head can burst strong water with only using a little water, which in return can save you a lot of water. It’s a high flow rate shower head. If you’re aiming for a better bathing experience with its powerful water flow, you can use this product. Aside from a better temperature control improvement, you’d also reduce delays with tuning in the shower up to its appropriate hotness/coldness.

High pressure shower heads work. It is recommended that you use a high pressure shower head because it can save you water and energy. Since it uses less water, it uses less energy.

The GPM tells you how much water flows through a shower head. The GPM of a high pressure shower head is 2.5, 2.0, 1.8, 1.5. This is designated as 2.5 gallons per minute, 2 gallons per minute, 1.8 gallons per minute or 1.5 gallons per minute, respectively.


Though, other countries have restricted their GPM for shower heads to 2.0 being the maximum. This is to conserve water as regulated by the government.

Before buying a shower head, make sure that it is made of ABS plastic because it is made to be resistant to chemicals, and it can withstand high temperatures. Also consider that your high pressure shower head is chrome plated as it helps to prevent leaks and scratches in the future.

  • High flow rate
  • Design
    • Wall-mounted
    • Handheld
    • Rain shower head
    • 3-way
  • EPA-certified WaterSense

You can easily install your high pressure shower head by screwing the compatible end of the flexible hose to the shower head. The other end of the hose will be connected to the shower head mounting bracket. The other end of the shower head mounting bracket will be connected to the water source.

For any inquiries please contact us!

We’re always happy to listen.

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Brand Name

MJEBM High-Quality Faucets and Showers




ABS Plastic

Installation Type

Hand Hold


Single Head

Is Smart Device


Model Number


Shower shape



Fixed Support Type

Surface Finishing


Shower Head Feature

Water Saving Shower Heads

44 reviews for High Pressure Shower Head

  1. A***v

    Great watering can. I take not the first time, I already provided all friends and friends, everyone is delighted.

  2. N***a

    Shower head ordered 02.03.. 16 flew to the Moscow region. 03. Shipping is free. Track number was tracked all the way. came without damage. fully corresponds to the description. installed without problems. The pressure is good, soft)) the purchase was very satisfied)) to the store Thank you very much))

  3. E***a

    Works well, very easy. His business does and is normal.

  4. P***v


  5. S***w


  6. M***i

    I got the parcel in 23 days, thank you

  7. G***a

    Nice shower. Very fast delivery.

  8. M***E

    Fast and good quality

  9. M***n

    The price, the strings are pleasant, let’s see if there is enough for a long time, and so completely plastic watering can, for someone even this is a plus

  10. A***n

    Order came quickly. Got married. The store agreed immediately and made a refund. The money came quickly. The seller is honest and sociable. Judging by the rest of the comments, the quality of the goods is kind of high.

  11. V***s

    Excellent! Thank you.

  12. Y***j


  13. M***a

    A good shower head, copes with its task. Thank u!

  14. A***v

    Watering Can norms

  15. A***n

    The goods came on the declared delivery, good quality watering can easy comfortable in hands.

  16. M***a

    Nice product, chrome plated plastic but good quality. mirror like finish. It produces a nice continuous pressurised water flow, that feels smooth on the skin. I fully recommend, saves water and creates a bit more pressure to the shower water flow.

  17. M***W

    Cheap. Plastic one. Neat. Pressure holds. Fine watering. Nice for the body.

  18. E***Z

    In a little over two weeks he came home. Pretty quick. Packed in a plastic envelope and another bubble plastic envelope. It weighs very little, I don’t know if it’s good. But it works perfectly. I liked its operation. Especially if you have little pressure, this can be a solution, by having very small holes, water comes out with quite a bit of pressure. It gives you a very nice feeling when showering. I like it. Reorganization to 100%.

  19. G***p

    Everything is fine, the pressure became stronger twice, whether the time will show

  20. G***r

    Small in diameter

  21. A***a

    Lake came with a chip of paint

  22. I***r

    Delivery to Krasnodar 24 days. I bought for 185 rubles, I still did not put it in a shower, while I’m satisfied with the old watering can. Thank you.

  23. Customer

    ✋, Given the price in 200₽ taking into account the delivery of norms. The shower pressure is good even with little pressure. That’s just not clear for how much it will last) water in Moscow on the testimony of the device of mineral substances 230 (accordingly to clean it, then another occupation is probably a needle a needle In general, how to clog I will write an additional review ✈️Delivery to Moscow less than a month Price 1 $ including shipping Seller Thank you

  24. D***e

    Good product***** Testing All ok. Very soft shower … gooddd. Good trader, I recommend. Thanks

  25. N***a

    A Everything came quickly 12 days to Moscow. The pressure is strong, but not massage, pleasant. Easy shower, thought the truth would be bigger))

  26. T***r

    The order is made by 26.06, delivered by 22.07. The store promptly sent the goods, fast delivery, the track was tracked until the moment of delivery. The product corresponds to the declared on the site, tested, sprays well, the atomizer plate is removable. Product and seller recommend, thank you

  27. N***V

    Everything is worthy.. Delivery fast. .. Description corresponds… thanks

  28. W***k

    Smaller then my 1 year old shower head. Still worth buying it. Strong aater pressure.

  29. E***a

    Cool nozzle

  30. Customer

    good stuff…

  31. L***a

    Excellent simple watering can

  32. A***n

    Super fast delivery …. it came safe and sound!!!! I advise you to buy!!!

  33. V***a


  34. ARCGO

    Excellent shower!

  35. I***a

    Good for low water pressure.

  36. D***o

    The lake is excellent, economical, took more with a rectangular output, but this one liked more, because. She has more coverage area!

  37. F***f

    The product complies with the description. Fast Delivery 1 month! I recommend the store. I will make other comments after testing the product.

  38. Customer

    Great watering can

  39. E***t

    Always satisfied with this shop a very big thank you Éric

  40. A***y

    Thank you. Excellent nozzle

  41. M***f

    I did not communicate with the store. Lake liked, very light (plastic). Holes very much, filter mesh in the gasket included. Holes in the metal plate (apparently alloy) jets are directional and even. Photo of the second watering can with strings, this one is similar, only the rays in a circle, the spread of the strings is not big. At home impressions positive. Thank you.

  42. G***r


  43. H***z

    good quality

  44. S***n


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