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Ceramic Mosaic Tile Stickers, 10 Pieces per Lot

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Easy and attachable peel and stick tiles are just the type for those who want an easier way to upgrade their home without feeling the need to spare more than an hour or two. Self-adhesive tiles give just the same aesthetics that any other hard tile can give with a much cheaper cost, with just tile decals they give a much more cleaner and modern look to your home.



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Self-adhesive wall tiles also come as waterproof tile decals to slow down its degradation and to avoid a dull and faded look. Even with the need to redecorate, it’s easy to peel off and stick on without also the worry of needing to do any major renovation after its removal.



Mosaic tile stickers not just simplify remodeling but also are budget-friendly as well as being so pliable which allows you to modify them into any shape that you desire. These are easy to order and are much cheaper than other tiles. Peel and stick tiles are at the bottom of the cost range for remodelling materials, with its cheaper price, it saves time and money which reduces the overall costs for your kitchen and bath remodeling plans.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Self-adhesive tiles give a classic look to any interior whether it's planned for just like a budget small bathroom remodel. The product shows to have full colors and bright colors with a glossy finish and with it being in an affordable price range it does not fail to also show the great quality of the product. It is the perfect decoration to give your home a refreshing look as if it was good as new. It's an easy way to style your home to your personal liking.

self adhesive wall tiles bathroom
black and white ceramic mosaic tile stickers

Modest Ceramic, Black & White Design

This black and white ceramic peel and stick tile represents the real tile, but much more inexpensive. If you want to have a budget small bathroom remodel, this is a perfect solution. It’s good for refurbishing your old kitchen design as well, covering uncleanable surfaces and maximizing the whitespace of your house.

Simple Installation

Interior remodeling can be a hassle when it comes to requiring so many tools, but with the use of mosaic tile stickers, beautifying your walls, it is now so much easier and simpler. Just peel off and stick, no need to break anymore sweat nor the help of any extra tools or materials. Decorating your home is now much easier with the help of self-adhesive tiles that mimic the look of regular tiles and yet not needing to worry of any aftermess.

self adhesive wall tiles black and white mosaic

Easy to Clean

The benefits of having peel and stick tiles is that they are easy to clean with minimal effort as it can be done through vacuuming or sweeping on a daily basis. Damp cleaning can also be done for occasional purposes but make sure that there will be no lingering moisture left behind.


As tile stickers are mostly used for bathrooms or kitchens, they are also made waterproof to last much longer on your walls as they are also made for the sake of slowing down its degradation to keep your walls clean,colorful and intact.

waterproof tile decals for bathroom remodelling
peel and stick tile backsplash on table design

Self Adhesive

Decorate your home with ease with just a peel and stick, a self adhesive home decor that spares you from breaking any sweat, time and money but still bringing an aesthetic style of your choice to your home


Self-adhesive tiles are applicable to be used on

self adhesive wall tiles kitchen
peel and stick kitchen backsplash for bathroom
peel and stick tiles kitchen
peel and stick tiles mirror
peel and stick tiles cabinet design


Style: 3D Marble Pattern Retro Tile Stickers

Size: 10cmx10cmx10cm/15x15x15cm/20cmx20cm/30cm/30cm
(If desired to have different dimensions, please contact to see if we can meet your desired requirements)

Function of product: Waterproof Self-adhesive tile stickers for Home decor

Material : PVC

Weight :55g/130g/220g/520g

Colour : Contact us if you request to have other options of colors of the product and we will provide other colors that the seller can provide.

Packaging Options

Package includes 10pcs of tile stickers for each set and each varying dimensions ordered

set of pcs tiles peel and stick
set of pcs tiles peel and stick
packaging option for ceramic mosaic tile stickers


What are Tile Stickers?

Tile stickers are just as the name suggests, an adhesive sticker that mimics the look of a hard tile but instead of doing more work like you would for hard tiles, all you have to do is peel the back off and stick them on clean flat surfaces to achieve the final look.

Are Tile Stickers Any Good?

Tile stickers are good for especially those who are on a budget and still want a way to beautify their homes. They are not only cheaper but they save time and extra expenses. Though tile stickers may not last longer than hard tiles, they still do their job at giving your home a personal style and still lasting long as it should.

Do Tile Stickers Come Off Easily?

Whether it is placed on a wooden or ceramic surface, it can be removed easily with almost little to no damage. It can be removed much easier and faster with the use of a blow dryer to warm up and soften the adhesive.

Do Tile Stickers Really Work?

Tile stickers work well for their function as an easy home decor for budget-friendly choices and still providing a simple classic look to any interior, the mimic of an actual hard tile is convincing enough when applied right on a clean flat surface.

How Long Do Tile Stickers Last?

Tile stickers last about three to five years.

How Do Tile Stickers Work?

Tile stickers are adhesive wallpapers that are simply mimicking the same look of any other hard tile. They work just the same as wallpapers for bathrooms or kitchens.

How To Remove Tile Stickers?

Tile stickers are removed by simply peeling the corners off. This process can be done easier by using a blow dryer to soften the adhesive through its heat and then peeling the sticker off.
Brand Name

Sensual Bee Kitchen & Bath


Plane Wall Sticker


Multi-piece Package



Model Number


Censor Code



3D Marble Mosaic Pattern Retro Tile Stickers Floor Stickers



Place of Origin

ZheJiang China (Mainland)


Colorful Retro Tile Floor Wall Stickers




55g 130g 220g 520g


Removable Waterpoof Self-adhesive Room Decoration Hoom Decor


For Wall,Furniture Stickers,Refrigerator,Kitchen,Bathroom,Bedroom


Environmental protection PVC High Quality Vinly

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    Tile adhesive identical to the photo, arrived in Italy in 2 weeks. Excellent for the kitchen.

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    The quality is very good, the style is simple and fashionable, and the operation is simple. The price is affordable and highly recommended!

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    Very nice easy to apply looks at the result in the photo. Thank you store 5 +++++

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