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3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tile

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This 3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tile not just simplifies interior remodeling but is a budget-friendly choice! Peel and stick tiles are at the bottom of the cost range for remodeling materials and save you a bulk of time.

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Home decor is made easier by giving your walls a three-dimensional look! With just a peel and stick tile backsplash, you’ll have your home beautified in just seconds without even spending so many hours of your time. It’s perfect for those who are busy but still want to relax and enjoy a beautiful living room, bedroom.


Interior remodeling made so much simpler in giving your home a new improvement with just the help of faux brick wall stickers, best part is that foam wallpapers won’t need you to cost more than what you expect, they are cheaper and affordable for those who are looking for a budget-friendly product that still is exceptional for styling their home interior decor.


Budget Friendly

This 3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tile not just simplifies interior remodeling but is a budget-friendly choice. These are easy to order and are much cheaper than other tiles. Peel and stick tiles are at the bottom of the cost range for remodelling materials, with its cheaper price, it saves time and money which reduces the overall costs for your kitchen and bath remodeling plans.


Self Adhesive

Decorating your home with ease with just a peel and stick, a self adhesive home decor that spares you from breaking any sweat, time and money but still bringing an aesthetic style of your choice to your home. Interior remodeling is made so simple and easier as it is a DIY product that can be installed fast and without much of an aftermess.

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Easy to Clean

One of the best parts of having faux tiles is that they are easy to clean with minimal effort as it can be done through vacuuming or sweeping on a daily basis. Damp cleaning can also be done for occasional purposes but make sure that there will be no lingering moisture left behind as it can make your sticker walls start falling off easier and destroy it’s color.

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Simple Installation

Interior remodeling can be daunting and a hassle when it comes to requiring so many tools and needing a little bit of skill to install regular hard tiles, but with the use of 3D brick stone wall stickers, beautifying your walls is now so much easier and simpler. Just peel off and stick, no need to spend on hiring for help nor spending on any extra tools or materials. Don’t worry anymore about having certain skills on giving your home a new look with the alternate form of regular hard tiles, 3D brick wall stickers pe foam self-adhesive wallpapers.

3d foam wallpaper installation steps

Waterproof and Dirt Proof

Custom kitchen remodels,cheap bathroom remodels, wherever you plan on using your DIY 3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tiles, they are specially made waterproof and dirt proof to last much longer on your walls as they are also made for the sake of slowing down its degradation to keep your brick wall stickers clean,colorful and intact.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our 3d foam wallpapers give a classic and modern taste to any interior whether it's planned for just like a budget small bathroom remodel. It is the perfect choice to give your home a refreshing look as if it was good as new. It comes in different colors which means for a range of different vibe with each type of design you decide to choose. It's an easy way to style your home to your personal liking.

3d brick wall stickers pe foam self-adhesive wallpaper restaurant

Available Colors


3d brick stone wall stickers are to be used for flat surfaces(mostly for walls)


Material: XPE Foam
Product Name: 3D Wall Stickers
Product Specification: 70cm x 77cm, 70cm x 38cm
Color: White, Orange, Gray, Blue, Rock, Purple, Brick, Burantium, Yellow Red, Red
Style: New Classical/Post-modern

environmental protection material brick wall stickers

Packaging Option

Packages include one piece per order so buy enough pieces at the same time to make sure they come from the same batch to avoid color difference.

LIGHTING MAY INFLUENCE REAL COLOR: A small difference in color may be observed from the product picture to the actual products you receive as it may be affected by the lighting on the picture.

Pictures from Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

3D foam brick stone stickers last about three to at least five years.

Whether it is placed on a wooden or ceramic surface, it can be removed easily with almost little to no damage. It can be removed much easier and faster with the use of a blow dryer to warm up and soften the adhesive. But if you are trying to avoid your tile stickers coming off right after installation, you should apply it in a clean area and should make sure that the surface is applicable for adhesive types of products.
Because the quantity of the product depends on how much you ordered, ordering one wall sticker can cause it to easily break during the process of delivery.
60*30cm=0.18㎡ / 60*60cm=0.36㎡ /70*15cm=0.10㎡ 70*38.5cm=0.27㎡ / 70*77cm=0.54㎡
Since the color of each batch has a process of re-toning, the color of a different batch may be slightly different so to avoid any color differences, please buy a sufficient amount of the wall stickers to lessen the issue of mismatching colors.
Products are manually cut but just because of human error please just deal with the issue of the product being 1-2 cm off from the expected measurement
When installing the wallpaper, the surface should be clean and is applicable for adhesive type products(i.e. Wooden boards, glass surfaces, dust free wall, etc.)
The product is made out of foam material which is made to be anti-collision, anti-fouling, waterproof, environmentally friendly and is free from any peculiar odor.

For any inquiries please contact us!

We’re always happy to listen.

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Improve your bathroom experience with the help of our services! We will help you plan out your bath remodeling from the color of your walls, finishing to use and even to the shower heads and faucets to utilize. Drop us a message!


3D Sticker


New Classical/Post-modern


Furniture Stickers


Single-piece Package



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10 reviews for 3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tile

  1. M***r

    super fast delivery, i had to use glue, fell out at first

  2. Customer

    I loved it. It is perfect for devouring any wall and stay. Thank you very much. I’ll give you 10/10.

  3. G***s

    Everything looks good. Previously ordered 1 to look and now 20 PCs for the gang. Super HAPPY. Super fast in house.

  4. Customer

    It’s all right!

  5. F***o

    Quick order top store really satisfied product excellent quality material competitive price than other sellers is the my favorite

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    Exact to the photo. Very fast shipping.

  7. V***a

    Excellent! It is very easy to manipulate and has a very good finish! Arrive super fast

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    very nice and very good product tankyou

  9. M***r

    Nickel as on the picture

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