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100W, 200W Flexible Solar Panel, Monocrystalline

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Go on a trip, off the grid, with unlimited electricity without all the noise and heavyweight you get from a generator and all the pricey, bulky, and spacious conventional solar panels. Enjoy the serenity and tranquility with the 100W or 200W Flexible Solar Panel.

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Go on a trip, off the grid, with unlimited electricity without all the noise and heavyweight you get from a generator and all the pricey, bulky, and spacious conventional solar panels. Enjoy the serenity and tranquility with the 100W or 200W Flexible Solar Panel.


Flexible solar panels are made of ultra-thin silicon wafers that are engineered to collect solar energy. In contrast to traditional heavy and bulky solar panels, flexible solar panels only have a thickness of a few micrometers.


They are lightweight and may easily fit into areas that are not possible with traditional solar panels. For example, if your home fails the roof test for solar shingles or panels installation due to structural concerns, you may always choose ultra-thin flexible solar cells.


Compared to normal solar panels, the cost of installing flexible solar panels is far cheaper since they are less work and lightweight, and easy to carry.


Beneficial to the Environment

In comparison with any other form of energy, solar energy has the least negative environmental impact. It doesn't emit greenhouse gases and doesn't harm the environment. It also requires very little water to maintain it, unlike nuclear reactors with a 20-fold requirement for water. The production of solar energy does not produce any noise, and that is of great benefit, as many solar plants are located in urban areas, such as domestic solar panels.

Save/ Make Money

Generating your power implies that you will use less from the power supplier. This will result in instant savings on your energy cost. Furthermore, you may make money by selling your unused power back to the grid. The more energy you make, the less you will consume from the provider, increasing your energy self-reliance.

Solar Energy is Applicable Anywhere

Solar energy may be installed anywhere there is sunlight. This is especially beneficial in rural areas where there is no other source of energy. Many people around the globe do not have access to electricity. Independent solar systems may be implemented in those areas, benefiting millions of people. Furthermore, solar energy is utilized to power spacecraft and ships.

Solar Panel use

Less Electricity Lost During Long-Distance Transport

Some energy, around 3-5 percent, is wasted during transmission and distribution. The greater the distance between the places of production and supply, the more energy is wasted. These losses may not appear to be substantial, but they can have an impact on the installation's performance in densely populated areas. With 100 watt flexible monocrystalline high-efficiency solar panels on the roof or in the yard, this distance is greatly reduced, and thus the efficiency of solar panels increases.

200w flexible solar panel 12v creative uses

Lightweight and Cheaper Installation

Due to the lightweight 200 watt flexible solar panel, they can be installed on roofs that can not support that much weight like that of a conventional solar panel. Without structural add-ons, such as racks, ballast, or roof penetration, the installation is easier and labor expenses are reduced. Because of flex 100 solar panel robustness and adaptability, certain flexible solar panel technologies are particularly appropriate for marine applications aboard boats and ships where conventional solar panels might be dangerous. There's also an emerging group of ultra-thin film solar panels that you can bend as much as you can do with a thin plastic sheet. However, such flexible thin-film solar panels will have considerable promise in the future as their efficiency increases.


Thanks to their low cost and simple mobility, they are great for:

Camping vacations

You can use 200-watt flexible solar panels on your tent as power banks. You can also roll and store them safely when not in use. (It is also known as camping solar panels.)

A long journey in an RV

rv green living
Enjoy a calm and noise-free trip with a 100w flexible solar panel placed on your RV!

For outings via boat/fishing/yacht

Solar Panel use

Ditch the generator and with a 200w flexible solar panel kit, allow the fish to be lured by you in the calm of your area without noise.

Backup of daily electricity

Are you on the road, maybe off the grid, always worried over your mobile phone losing charge? Instead, you can attach a 100-watt flexible solar panel to the roof of your vehicle and use it as a stylish, eco-friendly power bank.


Brand Name: xinpuguang
Foldable Solar Panel: No
Number of Panels: 2
Certification: CE
Certification: FCC
Certification: RoHS
Flexible Solar Panel: Yes
Type: Solar Panel
Nominal Capacity: 100 Watt / 200 Watt
Size: 1050*540*3mm
Model Number: 100w solar panel / 100w solar kit / 200w solar panel /200w solar system
is_customized: Yes
Number of Cells: 32pcs
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power: 100w , 200w
100W solar panel solar cell: Max. Power: 16V 6.25 A
Solar panel 200w: Max. Power: 16V 12 A / 32V 6.25A
200W solar panel system: Connect 12v or 24v battery
100W solar panel system: Connect 12v battery
features 1: solar panel portable
features 2: Semi-flexible solar panels
Category 1: photovoltaic panel
Category 2: solar cell DIY
Category 3: solar battery charger

Parts of Our Solar Panel Kit

Solar Panel LCD Display

100w Solar Panel

  • Maximum power(Pmax) 100W
  • Maximum system voltage 700V DC
  • Open circuit voltage(Voc) 19.2V
  • Short circuit current(Isc) 6.87A
  • Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 16V
  • Maximum power current(Imp) 6.25A
  • Number of cells 32pcs
  • Weight 1.8KG
  • Size 1050*540*3 mm
  • Operating temperature(NOCT) 45 +/- 2 Celsius system

12v/ 24v Controller

  • Rated Voltage: 12V 24V
  • Auto Application: solar system
  • Controller Rated Current : 10AMax
  • PV Voltage: 50V Max.
  • PV input Power: 130W (12V) 260W(24V)

1 set 3 meters cable with PV Connector (2.5mm2)

1 set 3 meters m cable with Alligator clip (2.5mm2)

1 set 2 in 1 Adapter

Packaging Options

Package A

2 pcs 100 watts solar panel

Package B

1 pc 100 watts solar panel

Package C

  • 1 pcs 100 watts flexible solar panel
  • 1 pcs 12v/24v/10A controller
  • 1 set 3 meter cable with pv connector (2.5mm2)
  • 1 set 3 meter cable with Alligator clip (2.5mm2)

Package D

  • 2 pcs 100 watts flexible solar panel
  • 1 pcs 12v/24v/20A controller
  • 1 set 3 meters cable with pv connector(2.5mm2)
  • 1 set 3 meters cable with Alligator clip(2.5mm2)
  • 1 set 2 in 1 Adapter

Package E

  • 1 pcs 100 watts flexible solar panel
  • 1 pcs 12v/24v/20A controller

Safety Instructions

200w flexible solar panel 12v
  1. Before you proceed, make sure your battery has appropriate voltage for the controller to detect the battery type.
  2. To minimize energy loss, the battery cable should be as short as possible .
  3. The regulator is not compatible for nickel-metal hydride, lithium ions, or other batteries, but only for lead-acid batteries such as OPEN, AGM, and GEL.
  4. The charge regulator is specifically suited for controlling solar panels. Connecting another charging source to the charge regulator should not be a good idea.

How to Setup Our Solar Panel?

There are three basic methods in installing your 100W 200W Flexible Solar Panel.
  • You could use Velcro. First, place commercial-grade velcro sticky tape on the roof edge. Then attach your panels through the adhesive to the top.
  • Alternatively, you may use 3M VHB sticky tape. Apply it by preparing the surface, adding tape, and applying pressure. To remove the tape, you’ll need an oscillating tool.
  • Finally, you might try screwing the panels down. The rivets on the borders of the panels allow them, like rigid solar panels, to be screwed directly into the roof.
  • The zipper system, grumbers, and honeycomb panel frames in PVC are other ways used to install flexible solar panels on your own. These approaches are not often used but offer other possibilities for installing your panels.
  • When installing your flexible solar panel, always remember to check the roof for damage, measure the roof space, do a quick draft, and fix and clean the mounting Hardware.
  • When planning on constructing a house, or having a renovation, and you desire to have a lower electric bill and have a solar system instead, you can plan to fit it into your design

Shipping, Returns, Warranty

Ships to all countries from China, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Russian Federation, France Ukraine, and Belgium with a 1-year warranty.

Pictures from Our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible panels do not have a long shelf life as conventional panels. Inflexible panels might last anywhere from 25 to 40 years but, flexible panels may only last 15 to 25 years.

The main advantage of flexible panels is their flexibility to accommodate different types of solar installations. For example, if your roof is unable to support the heavyweight of traditional solar panels due to structural issues, lightweight flexible panels such as thin film may be a fantastic alternative that will not jeopardize the structural integrity of your home. Flexible panels can be shaped to fit the surface on which they are installed.


The installation costs of your solar panel may be reduced financially by flexible panels. The installation of flexible/thin-film, panels is more easier and portable than conventional panels which can be large and heavy and which need hefty roof installation methods.

An RV/van solar system might be a fantastic choice if you spend a lot of your time camping or traveling. Furthermore, you may move as far away from the grid without worrying about electricity as you desire. In addition, solar panels give you a calm and quiet environment, unlike very noisy generators. While your vehicle does not have the same area as a home roof for installing a solar panel, you may still optimize it. How? a 200w flexible solar panel 12v system should be available.


Here is a quick checklist when installing a solar panel system on your RV roof:

  1. Calculate your power demands
  2. How many panels to power your RV?
  3. Know your budget

Things you need :

  1. Solar panels
  2. Batteries and monitor
  3. Solar charge controllers
  4. Inverters
  5. cables

Steps to do:

  1. Check the roof for damage
  2. Measure the roof space
  3. Do a quick draft
  4. Fix the mounting Hardware
  5. Mount the panels
  6. Connect the cables to the charge controller
  7. Make a series (link all mounted solar panels)

For more information, check out:

The Ultimate Guide to Install Solar Panels on RV

When mounting your flexible solar panel on your home roof, there are 3 ways of doing it- Velcro sticky tape, 3M VHB sticky tape, and screwing and tying it down. Read more as mentioned above.

For any inquiries please contact us!

We’re always happy to listen.

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Foldable Solar Panel


Number of Panels




Flexible Solar Panel



Solar Panel

Nominal Capacity

100 Watt / 200 Watt



Model Number

100w solarpanel / 100w solar kit / 200w solar panel /200w solar system



Number of Cells



Monocrystalline Silicon

Max. Power

100w , 200w

100W solar panel solar cell

Max. Power: 16V 6.25 A

Solar panel 200w

Max. Power: 16V 12 A / 32V 6.25A

200W solar panel system

Connect 12v or 24V battery

100W solar panel system

Connect 12v battery

features 1

solar panel portable

features 2

Semi – flexible solar panels

Category 1

fotovoltaic panel

Category 2

solar cell diy

Category 3

solar battery charger

12 reviews for 100W, 200W Flexible Solar Panel, Monocrystalline

  1. F***u

    all good for now, in not a perfect sunny day Isc 4,85 A and Voc 19,46 V, will see in full light and with a controller how much power can be produced

  2. A***i

    Good package, fast delivered

  3. P***o

    Fast shipping I am very satisfied

  4. F***.

    Lack of proof of use, in appearance and quick observation have arrived in good condition, no scratch, but with doubt, but I guess it will be plastic, lack to check in sunlight, if the panel came in good condition.

  5. A***l

    Quality product

  6. N***a

    Batteries received in 3 days, the packing is decent, everything is in place. Already connected, even in our cloudy Latvia work, what will be in the sun.

  7. R***e

    Perfect product Now remains to install it and tested the operation

  8. O***a

    I came very quickly. Somewhere within a couple of weeks. Packed in cardboard and foamed cellophane. Came without damage. The battery bends about like a PVC sheet. Executed very well. There is a Mount of eyelets

  9. O***a

    Very good material, excellent communication with the store! One panel 100W works well! Thank you

  10. W***i

    Arrived blazing fast, mounted on a sailboat, makes its duty goes very well. Recommended!

  11. D***u

    Nice product

  12. 1***r

    Delivery is excellent, everything is in general. I did not check the work, but I think everything will be fine

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