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20+ Ideas for Small Bathrooms on a Budget [+Tips]

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20+ Ideas for Small Bathrooms on a Budget [+Tips]

Here are cheap bathroom remodel ideas, easy bathroom makeover that you can easily follow through!

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As costly as renovations can get for even smaller bathrooms, it’s possible to achieve your choice of design without skimping on functionality or style. The best part of it all is that the results will be just as grand without breaking the bank. After all, there’s always something for just about any budget range.

Whether you’re planning for a little pick-me-up project or a complete overhaul, we made an inventory of ideas for your small bathroom while still staying on budget. You’ll find more ways of truly getting more bang for your buck and still getting the stunning look you would like from scratch. So let’s get to maximize your space and bring your dream inspired-spa into reality!

1 . Modern Black and White Bathroom Remodel

The stunning visual contrast of a black and white bathroom is simply the design you wish for a chic yet simple design. Its universal appealing palette leaves your personal spa feeling more spacious and clean.


Black and white bathroom ideas have especially been a preferred choice of favor for several designers. Thanks to its effortless, stylish and timeless appeal.


If you’re ready to choose a design that does not leave you disappointed with a style that’s sure to last the ages, then let’s take a glance at some inspirations.

hex tiled floor black and white and gold emblem bathroom

As simple as the color choices are, it is the perfect solution for breaking a run-of-the-mill style that also leaves enough space for accessories just in case you insist on adorning it with the extra touches of your desire.

black and white bathroom idea
black and white bathroom idea 2

2. Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse bathrooms reflect the aesthetics of a country charm and a warm welcome with its neutral and warm-colored tones. It’s simplicity makes you adore its simple but cozy style while still allowing you to grant polished twists of your own just in case you lean into a contemporary look of a country bathroom
Small farmhouse bathrooms may even be as stylish although elements of a contemporary farmhouse may feel a bit rustic; the decor style is certainly its own look according to Cheri Lingafelt.

Incorporating extra choices of some designs like texture and layers in your modern farmhouse Bathroom can emphasize the sweetness of a serene and welcoming bathroom while ensuring your space won’t leave it looking flat. Letting your small farmhouse bathroom embrace modern comforts can leave your space cozy and trendy.

farmhouse bathroom decor
farm house bathrooms

3. Victorian Style Bathroom

Inspired by one of the foremost iconic eras that put a decent statement to vintage beauty which works well for achieving a pampered yet elegant and luxurious space only for your needs and desires. The essence of Victorian bathrooms is captured in ornate patterns of wallpapers while also being adorned with rich dark colors or bright and sweet tones of paneled wood.

Although this style is vintage than most forms of bathrooms, it still remains to capture the eye of many thanks to its elegant vibe and opulent aesthetic while still having the selection to refine its style with a combination of modern touch.
victorian bathroom ideas
Ideas for Victorian bathrooms are visually stunning and very much versatile with its style as you discover just the correct thing that suits your taste.

4. Minimalist Boho Bathroom

If you’re fascinated in incorporating natural elements into your small bathroom, then not to worry. We’ll show you some inspired designs on how you can add all the exotic touches that your indoor oasis will need.

Minimalist Boho Bathroom
The design itself isn’t particularly difficult to create and is ideal for those that would also want to bring in beautiful house plants, greenery, or wooden accents into the decorations.
Minimalist Boho Bathroom 2

Every layer of decor is perfectly blended together to make your minimalist bohemian bathroom into something like that of a creative masterpiece.

boho minimalist bathroom
Take the chance to turn your bathroom into a stunning bohemian space that’s guaranteed to fit your relaxed and comfy aesthetic.

5. Modern Victorian Style Bathroom

As visually appealing Victorian bathrooms can be, encompassing modern touches can just be the final touch that your aesthetic needs. A hybrid design of both different times put to bring elegance and modern comfort that doesn’t fail to check the list of functionality and practicality.
As Victorian bathrooms remain one amongst many famous choices of styles, with modern twists, the border of decor has opened into more variety of options to show them less industrial and create them with a bit more touch of your own style while keeping the characteristics of a Victorian style bathroom.
Modern Victorian Style Bathroom
modern victorian bathroom
Turn your bathroom from being mundane into something more lavish and ornamental.
modern victorian bathroom design
victorian modern bathroom

6. Japandi Bathroom Design

Are you leaning towards something a bit bit more unique and new? Well, we have got just the thing, a trendy yet functional design that comes from Japanese minimalism and modernity of Scandinavian interior style. Its warm and neutral tones are infused with natural elements that offer it an eye-catching design because it harmoniously works well to form a zen-filled interior.
Japandi Bathroom Design
As Japandi bathrooms continuously catch the eye of many, Japandi is certainly referred to as a design that brings together the best of both worlds, harmoniously creating an area that suits well for minimalistic and relaxing aesthetics.
Japandi Bathroom Design 2
Regardless of what quantity your budget is or whatever your level of DIY expertise is, the desired design is attainable to form.
japandi style bathrooms
japandi bathroom ideas

7. Nautical Bathroom Decor

Are you into the theme for a sailor’s paradise? Well we got just the ideas for your small bathroom to come to life. Nautical bathrooms are quite unique with their colorful towels and maritime themed walls, most likely inspired by the beautiful scenes of the seaside and therefore the relaxing energy that comes along with it.
Nautical Bathroom Decor
It’s beautiful blue palette and light beige colors capture the soothing atmosphere of being on the beach.
nautical theme bathroom
nautical bathroom ideas
seaside bathroom accessories
A marine themed bathroom gives off a rustic feel that is loved by home designers and DIYers alike.

8. Forest Themed Bathroom

Forest themed bathrooms are quite unique than most usual choices for bathrooms because it mostly features the gorgeous outdoor aesthetic of lush green foliage and other raw details of nature’s flair.
The trick to following the aesthetic is including more houseplants inside the bathroom to convey more of a nature vibe to your bathroom.
Forest Themed Bathroom
forest themed bathroom decor 2
Adding in woody decors or frames around the bathroom will help complete the look for the mesmerizing and calm-inducing spa that you simply are searching for.
forest themed bathroom decor
forest themed bathroom decor 3

9. Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Mid century bathrooms are quite more on the taste for modern aesthetics. It’s a very intriguing design that is known for its geometric shapes of decors, as well as the hint of gold for embellishments. The mid century bathroom is expected to have a palette of bold colors for the feel of a modern ambiance while also embracing natural lighting from it’s windows.
Mid Century Modern Bathroom
mid century bathroom
original mid century bathroom

If you are curious if mid century bathrooms are in style, according to Peters, is that the timeless elements of mid century modern will never go completely out of vogue, but it could be reimagined for what people actually need in relationship with their homes. “Good design is iconic design and timeless design,” she said.

10. Traditional Bathroom

As we have listed down multiple different styles for small bathrooms, traditional bathrooms are still one of the best picks for bathroom designs as they remain for adding timeless and classic look for any bathroom whether small or big. It’s color pallete is very simple and can suit any bathroom as well as for most ideas of decor.
They never fail to make any bathroom feel more like a relaxing oasis spa, just an instant stress relief. It is perfect for those who especially are on budget as it helps you achieve a beautiful aesthetic that you can enjoy for years to come.
Traditional Bathroom
Traditional Bathroom 2

Recommended Products for Traditional Bathroom

To help you more in your remodelling journey, we took the effort to help list down some similar items on how you can achieve these looks.

11. Shabby-Chic Bathroom

From dull and colorless to bright and attractive, nothing else says romantic, feminine and vintage than a shabby-chic bathroom. An aesthetic that completely captures the picture of putting both roughness and softness together in the best way possible. It’s beautiful color palette radiates soft feminine beauty while also including roughness in a pleasant way through its furniture and decoration.
It’s soft colors, gentle fabrics, and vintage furniture still continue to make you fall in love with it up till now despite it not being quite on the trending list. But if you are looking to present it a fresh and updated look then not to worry, adding modern touches to the look won’t hinder you from still enjoying a soft, cozy and comforting bathroom.
Shabby-Chic Bathroom idea

12. Craftsman-style Bathroom

Do you appreciate elegant lighting and the appearance of a well decorated room of rich wooden furniture? Craftsman-style may be your choice of style, they are known for their warm-colored tone and their beautiful touch of wooden details. Adding wooden frames into mirrors or investing into a simple wooden vanity will up the design for a more classy yet minimalistic style for your bathroom. What enhances the craftsman-style of decor to not only be elegant and classy but cozy is its beautiful warm lighting.
Craftsman-style Bathroom
LMSOD Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture
Craftsman-style Bathroom 2

Recommended Products for Craftsman-style Bathroom

To help you more in your remodelling journey, we took the effort to help list down some similar items on how you can achieve these looks.

Bathroom Remodel Checklist: Your Ultimate Idea List for a DIY Bathroom Renovation

Picking your choice of style is one thing, but ensuring you’ve got all the essentials in your small bathroom are some things you wish to make sure for a completely functioning bathroom. So we made a checklist of ideas for your bathroom renovation to confirm you won’t miss out on anything important!


We created a digital checklist just for you so you can go ahead and save it on your device.

Bathroom Remodel Checklist
Bathroom Remodel Checklist accessories

Cheap Bathroom Makeover Tips

If you’ve made it to this part, then we’re almost there! But before you finalize your list, allow us to help you find more ways in ensuring you create the most effective decisions for your small bathroom, therefore, maximizing your budget to the best outcome.

1. Paint Your Wall with the Right Color

classic white paint color

Classic White

Despite being a simple color, the classic color white paint never fails to leave room for the vast majority of designs and as well as remain timeless no matter the change of trends.

pale blue paint color

Pale Blue

An eye-catching color that gives powder rooms a soothing ambiance while giving off a contemporary-feel to the space.

Warm Tones

Warm neutral palettes compliment many accessories and can never go wrong with whatever choice of finishing you made in your small bathroom.
emerald green paint

Emerald Green

If you’re looking for a color that suits natural lighting then shade of green may be just the thing that can start your day right.
pastel pink color

Pastel Hues

Don’t be shy to give your little oasis a sweet and bright oomph. Pastel colors alike can make you feel bright and radiant, just the thing to start your early morning!

2. Use Tile Stickers

If you’re interested in the use of tile stickers then we got just the thing! We have variety of products that can help you in your renovation project, just visit our website at


The use of tile stickers not only saves your money but also time, especially if you consider yourself to be a person with a busy schedule.

Easy and attachable peel and stick tiles are just the type for those who want an easier way to upgrade their home without feeling the need to spare more than an hour or two.
This 3D Brick Stone Self Adhesive Wall Tile not just simplifies interior remodeling but is a budget-friendly choice!
Spend for an entire interior renovation without any hassle or worry about your planned budget. This sea glass backsplash leaves an eye-catching and mesmerizing impression to anyone at first glance.
Looking for a way to style your interiors in a fast and simple way? No worries, mother of pearl tile is the way to go.

3. Choose a Stylish Shower Set

One of the things to consider is your shower set, it will be one of many other things that determine your shower experience after all. Luckily, we also offer stylish shower sets that are of great quality and that is around your preferred budget range. You can check it out at

Love the thought of several shower heads and a luxuriant and wonderful shower experience? The answer to your problem is the brushed nickel shower panel!
Spend for an entire interior renovation without any hassle or worry about your planned budget. This sea glass backsplash leaves an eye-catching and mesmerizing impression to anyone at first glance.
Our High Pressure Shower Head is made of ABS and Chrome Plating, Hand‑Held, Durable & Easy to Install for a complete soothing experience!

4. Add Bathroom Accessories

Selecting your choice of bathroom accessories is one of the fun parts of renovating your little spa. Investing on quality decors will be something that will capture the highlight of your small bathroom’s beauty and class, whether or not if you have a small budget. Depending on what choice of aesthetic you select, we made a list that might help you give inspiration on your choice of decor. But don’t forget, if you are more interested in creating DIYs for your bathroom decor then go on and let your artistic side come out!

Home plants (Real or Fake)

Home plants(Real or Fake)


putting paintings for bathroom renovations


bathroom framed quotes

Customized Storage Holders

Customized Storage holders for bathrooms
bathroom storages and cute containers

DIY Shower Curtains

DIY Shower Curtains
DIY Tasel Curtains
DIY Tasel Curtains Source:

5.Paint Sections of The Room Yourself

Maybe your small bathroom may just need a little touch-up rather than a whole overhaul and you don’t want to hire someone for the small hassle, then don’t worry, cause the work can be done for even the least-skilled. This will save you time and will even give you a chance to decorate your small bathroom however you like.

6.DIY To The Rescue

Sometimes, letting your creativity take the lead will be a better option for saving your money. Nowadays, people opt for DIYs for their fun and creative designs because they will not only make your bathroom seem artistic but also original. You’ll find ways to also recycle your old furniture and realize it’s still more useful than you thought. There are multiple tutorials out there that will help achieve your desired look without even costing you any cent.

7.Cheap Vanities Under $300

We know that shopping for furniture can be costly but we made a list just for you that may help you in your shopping experience for vanities.

8. Decluttering Is The Key

decluttering your bathroom

This one does not require you to spend on anything nor does it need any special tool to help fix, simply decluttering your space may be the key to giving it a new updated look for a new and fresh ambience.


Perhaps it’s time to get rid of expired cosmetic products and start creating DIY organizers to help you get things sorted out. Decluttering around your small bathroom will efficiently help you get your aesthetic spa to its potential once everything unnecessary is cleared out.

9. Clean Your Tile Grout

Giving your tile a good clean will help boost your bathroom’s appearance and an upgrade for free. Keeping them clean not only keeps your bathroom looking clean but it’s for the sake of your health as well. Take a few hours of your time to go on and clean your grout and the results won’t disappoint you.

10. Bathroom Lighting Under $100

Bathroom lighting can be one of the features that can make it or break it. Choosing the right lighting for your space is important in highlighting the charm that your bathroom has to offer, so we made a list that will help you in choosing different styles of lighting fixtures:

Should I hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

Whatever budget range you decide to put your small bathroom remodelling project on, remodelling is not exactly a simple job and may require more fixing like plumbing or maybe you think it could just be more efficient to get it done by a professional. At the end of the day, it depends whether or not you may need help from an expert. You won’t necessarily have to hire one just so you can get a great outcome, you can still achieve a beautiful bathroom just by doing DIYs. If you still can’t decide whether or not you need a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor here are some pros and cons of hiring one.


  • Clean work
  • Fast Turnover
  • Saves you stress and complications
  • Debris Removal
  • Prevent Injuries


  • Extra Cost For Hiring
  • Working On Their Timeline
  • Lack Of Complete Control
  • You must still oversee and ensure that all tasks are performed correctly

Wrapping Up

Hopefully the lists of tips and insights out of this blog has managed to help maximize all the potential of what your dream oasis can be.

Whatever choice of style that you may have picked, we hope that it has been able to help make your remodeling project a little bit easier and exciting. If you found this blog helpful, then why not check out our other articles.

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