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How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in the Philippines 2023 (for real)

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Want to know the latest house construction cost in the Philippines in 2023? Read this if you’re serious about building a house in the Philippines!

Cost to Build a House in the Philippines 2023 (1)

Planning a house is exciting, especially for Filipinos who have earned with sweat and blood for their family house construction.

We get a lot of inquiries both abroad and locally on how much it really costs to build a house in the Philippines.

Nowadays, many of these inquiries are about Container Homes. This can notably be because of the popularity of modular homes being more affordable than traditional homes.

While this is true, there are pros and cons you must know before choosing to build a standard finish concrete house vs a container house vs a hybrid (container house with concrete). We cover that in another article.

How much does it cost to build a house in the Philippines? First, let’s find out the factors that may affect the cost per sqm of your house construction.

If you are planning on building your own dream house, various factors need to be considered.

You need to take into consideration how big you want your house to be, how much money you have, how long it will take to build your house, and what kind of materials are you planning on using.

1. Location

Your location will be the first thing to affect your construction costs. Building in provinces surrounding Metro Manila is cheaper than constructing within the city itself.

If your property is located inside a luxurious subdivision, then you can expect higher rates due to their inflexible construction regulations.

Generally speaking, building a house in major cities and tourist spots in the Philippines like Baguio, Cebu, etc is more expensive than in provinces.

2. Number of Floors

The taller the building is, the more it will cost to construct. This is because not only do stronger materials have to be used for supporting the structure, but more finishes and wall materials are needed as well.

This is the same with adding more floors/storeys to container houses – sturdier materials will be needed for the support beams which adds up to the cost.

3. Number of Bathrooms

The number of toilets and baths in your house will impact the cost of construction. This is because the more bathrooms you add, the more plumbing materials will be needed and not to mention, the tiles.

4. Glass Windows

The price of glass is more expensive than that of a masonry wall; therefore, the cost increase with the addition of windows to a building. The gulf in price becomes even greater if specialized glass such as tempered or laminated is used rather than an everyday sort of glass.

For example, in Benguet/Baguio area we consider a cost of 300 to 400PHP per SQ. Feet of glass. So if the client wants floor-to-ceiling glass windows, this will cost more than just plain masonry walls.

5. Type of Materials

  • Concrete is incredibly durable, making it an ideal material for house construction. It has excellent fire resistance properties which make it a safe choice for home building. Moreover, concrete provides good insulation from noise and other environmental conditions.
  • Masonry is one of the most durable and reliable home construction material. It does not combust, making it an ideal choice for homes that are in regions with high risk for fires.
  • Steel Frame Welded Structure is an assembly of steel components connected together to create a strong and durable house. We commonly see them in modern residential building construction such as prefab container houses. These structures are designed to be resistant to large loads, such as wind and earthquakes and are more cost effective than concrete.

6. Types of Finish

The cost of this project will largely depend on the type and brand of finishes you choose – the tiles used, lighting fixtures, etc.

Before agreeing on the house construction cost, you and your contractor should both agree on the budget for the materials to be used in the house.

We usually let the client sign a contract with the full estimate attached to it – whether it be a container house or a traditional concrete house.

What Do You Need to Build a House in The Philippines?

Building your dream house also comes with a price. It will ideally take your time and money to accomplish all the requirements and be cleared for your house project. So what do you need?

1. Permits and Licenses

a. Land of Ownership

b. Building Permit

In applying for a building permit, you need the following:

  • Architectural Design/Initial Design – Ranges from 10,000 to 20,000PHP
  • Complete Working Drawings (Signed and sealed by an Architect, Civil Engineer, and Sanitary Engineer) – costs 45,000PHP to 100,000PHP

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NOTE: In applying for a PAG IBIG Housing Loan or a Housing Loan in a Bank, you need to accomplish the building permit first and prepare your Lot Title and Lot Plan.

2. Contractor

Hiring a contractor makes things easier, just like a wedding coordinator for a wedding. Your contractor should work with you to find out the best possible solution for your house construction budget.

3. Budget

Having a clear budget when constructing a house is an important step that cannot be overlooked. Having a detailed budget helps to ensure that you are properly prepared and organized for the entire project from start to finish.

It is also important to have a budget when building a house because it can help keep track of your expenses, provide guidance on materials and supplies to purchase, and help you stay within your financial means.

As you read down below, we will be discussing the amounts of each type of house to get you an idea of how much you are supposed to save.


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How Much to Build a House in the Philippines?

According to trading economics, the average that you will need to spend is more or less around 23,000 PHP to 35,000 PHP/Sq.Metre in 2022. This cost will shoulder the building, mechanical, plumber, and other expenses.

The construction cost per SQM of depends on the location. If you’re building a house in the city or near a city, the cost is definitely higher than in provinces.

For example, here in Baguio/Benguet area, you can expect to spend a minimum of 33,000 PHP per SQM to 35,000 PHP per SQM for a standard finish house.

Estimated Residential Construction Cost in Different Regions (Cost per Square Meter) - Updated December, 2022


2022 cost per sqm

National Capital Region


Cordillera Administrative Region


Ilocos Region


Cagayan Valley


Central Luzon






Bicol Region


Western Visayas


Central Visayas


Eastern Visayas


Zamboanga Peninsula


Northern Mindanao


Davao Region






Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao


Sample House Construction Cost Estimate in the Philippines

The first thing you will need is a drawing from an architect and from there, you can get a cost estimate from a contractor to know how much you will be spending.

Every house construction cost estimate will vary on the materials you use and your desired finishing. The list below is the things that you will need to spend your money on, so better take it into account.

  • Earthworks – In home construction, the earthworks are perhaps the most critical part of the project. This is where the foundation or base of the house will be dug out and prepared.
  • Concreting Works – Formation of beams, slabs, and foundations with the use of cement.
  • Rebar Works – Steel bars used in construction to prevent or to stop cracks from forming.
    Formworks and Scaffold- Temporary structure that is used by workers to get around the building/house.
  • Masonry Works
  • Doors and Windows
  • Steel Works
  • Roofing Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Plumbing and Sanitary
  • Works
  • Painting Works
  • Finishing Works

Here’s an example for a shipping container house construction cost estimate.

shipping container house construction cost estimate



Item I.D.

Item Description

% of Total

Total Cost





General Requirements








Shipping Containers




Concreting Works




Rebar Works








Masonry Works




Doors and Windows




Steel Works




Carpentry Works




Electrical Works




Plumbing Works




Sanitary Works




Painting Works




Tile Works










Overhead Expenses (5%)




Contingencies (2%)




Miscellaneous (3%)




Contractor’s Profit (5%)











Types of Finishing and Cost Range (2023)

From plain to elegancy, you can choose between 4 types of house finishing:

1. Rough/Bare Finish

Cost: P20,000 - 25,000/sq.meter

Rough or Bare Finish house cost, example

What to expect from a rough finish is that it is just plain cement. No fancy design, but if you are on a tight budget, why not? You can still change the finishing in the future when you have enough money to renovate your house.

In terms of aesthetics, don’t expect too much from a bare-finish house. It may be structurally good but it will not look with a sparkling clean appearance as if it’s ready to be used.

Rough or Bare Finish house interior example

The floors are just made of cement and there’s no painting, decorations, or tiles.

On the bright side, this means a bare finish house provides unlimited potential for customization. From the layout of the rooms to the type of flooring and fixtures, every aspect of the house can be tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs and preferences whenever he/she gets enough budget to do so.

2. Standard Finish

Cost: P30,000 - 38,000/sq.meter

Standard Finish house
bare vs standard finish house

A standard finish is better than a basic finish. It has tiled floors, painted walls, and kitchen cabinets. It also has good-quality plumbing and electrical fixtures and roofing materials.

However, it will cost you more compared to a basic finish because of its jump-up upgrade.

3. Semi-Elegant Finish

Cost: P40,000 - 50,000/sq.meter

A semi-elegant finish does not differ that much from an elegant one. A semi-elegant has both high-quality fixtures and ceramic tiles. You can also customize your desired windows and doors.

Subsequently, it will cost you a lot of money, because of its customizable design.

Semi-Elegant Finish House construction
Elegant Finishing house finish
Source: Pinterest

4. Elegant Finish

Cost: P65,0000/sq.meter and above

This kind of finishing gives you a lot more power to customize your house from top to bottom. You can also add technologies and security gadgets to be installed in your house. Not just that, you can also have an interior designer to help you decorate your house effectively and because of its completeness and quality-wise, expect to pay a fortune.

Elegant Finish house
Source: Pinterest
Semi-Elegant Finish house interior
Source: Pinterest
Elegant Finish house interior
Source: Pinterest

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Bamboo House in the Philippines?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Bamboo House in the Philippines
Source: Tonnie Tissie Bamboo Furniture

A bamboo house will make a great vacation home for you and your family. Ideally, a bamboo house will only take a month to build and will cost you around 200,000PHP to 1 Million depending on the size, design and materials.

The cost includes:

  • Permits
  • Materials
  • Salary of Workers (Carpenters)

Why Choose a Bamboo House?

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials on the planet. Not only is it strong and durable, but it also grows incredibly quickly, making it an excellent choice for house construction.

Bamboo is quickly becoming the material of choice for eco-friendly builders around the world. With its unique combination of strength, sustainability, and affordability, it’s easy to see why bamboo is quickly becoming the material of choice for house construction.

Kawayan Collective Bamboo House Cost

The Kawayan Collective is a bamboo social enterprise launched in partnership with the Base Bahay Foundation non-governmental organization. The company is introducing an affordable new bamboo housing design to the Philippines. This design can be built by 10 people in just eight months.

Kawayan Collective Bamboo House Cost
The house in the making. Credit: Kawayan Collective

This is a cement-bamboo-frame home that’s 130m2. It has 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and a loft area. The Kawayan Collective Bamboo house costs PHP 2.5 million (around $50,000 USD).

large, insulated roof and greatly sized screened windows for a good amount of airflow.
The house in the making. Credit: Kawayan Collective

The main structural support is bamboo, which comprises about 80% of the house. Other features include a large, insulated roof and greatly sized screened windows for a good amount of airflow.

Building this type of house will save you 20% cost compared to concrete hollow block houses.

Traditional Bamboo House/Nipa Hut Cost

Tonnie Tissie Bamboo Furniture Bamboo house
The house in the making. Credit: Kawayan Collective

The traditional bamboo house, or nipa hut, is a common sight in the Philippines. These simple structures are made entirely of bamboo and are often built on stilts to protect against flooding.

Nipa huts are usually quite small, with a single room that serves as both living and sleeping quarters. Despite their humble appearance, nipa huts can be surprisingly sturdy, with some structures lasting for decades.

Nipa huts are often used as vacation homes or beach houses due to their casual atmosphere.

The cost of building a nipa hut varies depending on the size and materials used, but it is generally a relatively affordable option for housing in the Philippines. The most affordable ones may vary between 150,000PHP to 350,000PHP.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Simple House in the Philippines?

A house that will be able to accommodate our needs is enough for a simple house. Not can you only save money in terms of rent, but you can save more money when paying for real estate tax especially if you are living somewhere in the provinces.

A simple house should be able to accommodate:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • 1-2 Bathrooms/Comfort Rooms
  • Dining Area
  • Living Room
  • Garage (to avoid renting or parking on the side of the road with risks)


A simple house will cost you around P25,000/ SQM to P37,000PHP considering the price inflation this year. Yet, with this setup, you will be set for life as you will the things you will need.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Bungalow House in the Philippines?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Bungalow House in the Philippine

Bungalow Houses work just as productively as any other house. Considering that it only has 1 floor, it is highly accessible and more kid-friendly. They are easier to maintain and are very recommended for open-concept designs.

Though usually, you will need a larger lot to be able to acquire more privacy considering it is an open house. Other designs of bungalow houses come with a big backyard or grass area, so whatever your plans, this may be a suitable option for you.

Bungalow houses cost around 25,000-35,000/ Sq. Meter depending on the finishing and style you want.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tiny House in The Philippines?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tiny House in The Philippines

A tiny house is ultimately one of the ways you can save money. With the price inflation in the country, it has become a demand for every young people to seek a cheap house that carries everything they need.

What’s amazing is that even though it is a tiny house, it will not deter by its design, style, and finishing. Most popular aesthetic designs come with a small porch and a wood exterior finish. The majority of the tiny houses are built using container vans. Not are they only cheap, but you can also connect them to create a two-story house.

Shipping container vans have material of steel and roof insulation of glass wool. This means it is fire safe and resistant, it does not absorb moisture which makes it great mold-resistant. Because of its steel frame material, it is very reliable and sustaining making it a great investment for a comfy house.

A tiny house measures around 36 square meters or less and will only cost you around P900,000 – 1,200,000 depending on your preferred style and design.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Two-Storey House in the Philippines?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Two-Storey House in the Philippines

Two Storey Houses are still a different kind of delight compared to other types of houses. More space to place or hide your things, more rooms, and more privacy and quietness, Although it still comes with the price of more to clean and it will be quite unsafe for children land adults who have movement problems.

Two-story houses work great if the land size that you own is limited. That way you will still have a wide space to design the rooms you want. This kind of setup works best for large families who want to save money and still be able to accommodate all the people in their families.

A two-story house will cost you about P27,000 – 60,000/ Sq. Meter. Again, the interior and exterior finishing will determine the cost per sqm for the construction cost of 2-storey hosues.

I don’t have a huge budget for building a house. Should I settle for less?

While it may be tempting to buy a fixer-upper or build your own home without a professional, remember that over the long term, a house that is built cheaply would cost you a lot more on repairs and yearly maintenance.

Not only will you have to constantly shell out money for repairs, but you will also have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of living in a home that is always in need of repairs.

If you want to save money in the long run, it is better to invest in a well-made house that will last for years without needing major repairs.

Wrapping Up

A house is a large investment. It requires a lot of money to be able to construct your dream house. Getting your permits to get your house construction started is an unbelievably long process, but in the end, we get what we pay for.

There are a lot of types of houses to choose from, but be careful about what you choose. A bungalow house, for example, may not be applicable if your lot is small because you will have space problems especially if you have a big family. This is why it is still best that you research and earn while you are still young to be able to plan your dream house.

About the Author:

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Engr. Noelle Nicole Go passionately works to help Filipinos build their dream home. She handles Container House design, supply and delivery and personally designs modular houses for her clients.

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