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10 Cool & Easy Home LED Strip Lighting Ideas

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10 Cool & Easy Home LED Strip Lighting Ideas

Looking for some awesome LED strip DIY ideas to give life to your humble abode? Here are the best easy-to-follow home LED strip lighting ideas you can follow!

LED signs and LED strip light room decors are among the most creative and affordable materials used in remodeling rooms. Why? Because they are easy to customize and can blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. They come in different brightness, color, density, and wattage options to cater to your specific requirements. Thus, they can produce stunning results that will not go unnoticed.


So if you want the best ideas to turn your home into a dreamland, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we give you modern LED strip lighting ideas for homes that are worth trying out. Let’s get started!

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Before we proceed to our list of LED strip lights decoration ideas, below are the basic steps of installing LED strip lights that you can follow:


Installation Steps

  • Cut the strip into your desired length using sharp scissors. Make sure to cut along the cut marks.
  • When connecting strips with an LED connector, make sure that the polarities of the strips match with each other.
  • Clean the surface where you are going to install the strip lights.
  • Peel off the cover of the LED strip and gently press it to the surface.
  • After installation, connect the end of the strip to the LED dimmer / LED switch controller before connecting it to the power supply.

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Other Things to NOTE:

  • It is recommended to measure the length of the area you are going to install the LED lights in before buying your supplies.
  • To estimate the wattage needed to power the strips, just multiply the strip’s total length with the wattage/meter (w/m).
  • You can control the brightness and color temperature of color-changing LED strips (RGB, RGBW, CCT) using an LED controller.
  • Use connectors to connect multiple LEDs especially around corners.

#1 LED Strip Lights Ideas For Living Rooms

The main purpose of your living room is to receive visitors and it basically reflects your personality. It sets the whole mood of your home and is among the areas that you should focus on when decorating. There are two lighting methods you can use for your living room:

Decorative Wall Lighting

Mountain LED neon light wall decor
Source: Pinterest
This type of lighting uses colorful LED strip lights to create pieces of art on walls. Since LED strips are flexible and cuttable, you can easily shape them into any form you want. You can also effortlessly remove and reuse them for years without getting damaged.

Recessed Wall Lighting

White Recessed Wall LED Lighting
Source: Pinterest
Recessed wall lighting gives a room a sophisticated look because it produces diffused and mellow lights. In this lighting type, LED lights peek through hollow parts of your wall. You can use it to light not only your living room. It is also ideal for your garage, porch, dining room, bedroom, balcony, entertainment areas, and other parts of your home you want to highlight.

LED Lighting Tips

  • For recessed wall lighting, SMD 3528 adjustable CCT strips would be best while SMD 5050 RGBW strips are recommended for decorative wall lighting. If you want single-color ones, you can also opt for them.
  • Living rooms would usually use cool white (6000K) or natural white (4000K).
  • Choose between 60 LEDs/m and 120 LEDs/m

#2 Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Warm white under-cabinet LED lighting

Source: Pinterest

Using LED strip lights as under cabinet lighting is among the most popular applications of LEDs. Whether it is for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, display cases, and others, LEDs provide excellent choices for cabinet remodeling.


Since LED strip lights are flexible, they can fit even into tight corners so you won’t have any problem installing them. Adding lighting under your cabinets will also make them look more open and wider. Also, seamless LED lights would be perfect for under cabinet lighting because these provide bright lights without shadows and dots.

LED Lighting Tips

  • Single-row or double-row light strips with 20-90 wattages would suffice, depending on the brightness you need.

#3 Creative Stair LED Lighting

Make your staircases look grander with proper illumination using LED lights. 

Stairs appear darker especially during the night and this can cause accidents to happen.

With powerful LED strip lights, you will not only get good lighting but also a cool and attractive one.

Whether your stair is made from metal, wood, glass, or other material, you can still use LED lights to add width and depth to your stairs to make them safer.

White LED strip staircase lighting
Source: Pinterest

LED Lighting Tips

  • Classic colors such as cool and warm white LEDs are recommended for stair lighting in homes. Some would use SMD 3528 or SMD 5050 strip lights but you can also use SMD 2216 which are very bright.
  • You have the option to choose between single-row 120 LEDs/m and 240 LEDs/m lights.
  • If you want to protect your LED strips and make their view better, you can use LED aluminum profiles. You can also use aluminum profiles to create various light effects.
  • We recommend preparing the wires first so you’ll know how to install your LED strip lights without the wires showing.

#4 Modern Strip Lighting For Kitchens

Your kitchen is among the important features of your home and they are often located at focal points. This is why you need to give them appropriate lighting so that they will blend in with other spaces in your home.
Warm white LED kitchen lighting

Source: Pinterest

Although there are many ways on how you can add a touch of creativity to your kitchen, kitchen strip lighting ideas are still the best. You can hire kitchen remodeling contractors to make your kitchen more appealing but this would be expensive. Strip lights, on the other hand, are not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly and affordable. They won’t contaminate your kitchen.

LED Lighting Tips

  • If you want colored lights, you can opt for LED neon flex lights. SMD 3528 adjustable CCT strips are recommended for warm and cool white colors.
  • Bright single-row LED strips consisting of 120 LEDs/m would suffice for counters and cabinets.
  • For diffused colors, go for strip lights but if you want that neon effect, use rope lights. Strip lights are also ideal for highlighting kitchen cabinets by installing them on the inside or outside.
  • You can line kitchen counters with strip lights if you want to enhance their feature.

#5 LED Strip Light Ideas for Bedroom

Purple LED lighting on headboard and bed foundation

Source: Pinterest

Make your bedroom as cozy as possible by adding bedroom ceiling lights. Your bedroom is where you end up at the end of the day to relax and destress. It would help you rest better if you transform it into something you really want to fall asleep and wake up in.

Here are LED light strips for bedroom ideas you can follow:

LED Lighting Tips

  • Warm white lights (2700K or 3000K) are perfect for bedrooms.
  • Outline sunken and vaulted ceilings with strip lights to add a softer look.
  • Add an accent to your headboard by tracing it with LED lights.
  • Use lights to outline areas that are hard to see such as a closet or shoe shelf.
  • You can also outline your bed’s foundation.

#6 Basement LED Lighting Ideas

White LED lighting on a baseboard

Source: Pinterest

Basements are known to be dark and gloomy places and they will remain like that without enough lighting. If you want to turn your basement into a recreation room and want some awesome basement remodel ideas, we’ve got some for you.

Lighting your basement is similar to lighting your living room, kitchen, or bedroom but below are some specific tips we can give you:

LED Lighting Tips

  • Outline the baseboard with LED strip lights to light up the room and make it appear more spacious.
  • If the walls have recessed or strange areas, you can also add lights to them to turn them into focal points.
  • Just like in our previous tips, you can outline sunken ceilings and other furniture to make them stand out.

#7 LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Mirrors

LED Round Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Source: Pinterest

For vanity mirrors, LED strip lights would be perfect because they only take a small amount of space but can still produce bright lights. Aside from LED strip lights, you can also use rope lights if you want seamless lighting. LED strips with wide spaces between the LEDs are also perfect for achieving a spotlight effect.

LED Lighting Tips

  • Waterproof LED strip lights with IP65 or IP67 ratings is recommended for bathroom mirrors
  • Nature white and warm white LED strip lights would do the trick
  • If you want to see how you look in different lighting, you can use color-changing LED lights
  • You can choose from 60 to 140 LEDs/m strip lights depending on your desired brightness
  • Power supply (you can use an outdoor power supply or an indoor power driver)
  • You can paste the strip lights behind your mirror, following its shape.

#8 LED Lighting for Computers

LED-lit computer electrical components

Source: Pinterest

If you have computers at home and want to make your workstation different, you can use LED strips to give it a killer look. Aside from your computer’s LCD screen, you can also add lighting to its CPU case, motherboard, coolers, and fans. But if you are going to install LEDs inside your PC’s electrical components, it is better to have a professional guide you through the process.

LED Lighting Tips

  • RGB LED strip lights are the most recommended ones.
  • You only need a mini RGB LED controller. You don’t need to use big controllers for room use.
  • Although your PC already has a power supply, it is safer to use a separate power adapter.
  • Always take note of the strip light’s voltage for computer lighting purposes. DC 5V is the most used strip lights for these applications.
  • You can connect your installed LED strips to a USB connector and power the strip using your computer.

#9 LED Backlighting for TV Screens

LED backlit flatscreen TV

Source: Pinterest

Add aesthetic lighting to the back of your TV screens without being concerned about interference or damage using flexible LED strips! You can either use individually-colored or color-changing LED strips for this.

LED Lighting Tips

  • You can use 5050 single-color or RGB LED strips. These are brighter and come in various color options.
  • Measure your TV’s screen to estimate the length of LED strip light you’ll need.
  • Connect the LED strips around the TV’s corners using the connectors.

#10 LED Strip Furniture Lighting Ideas

Bookshelf LED lighting

Source: Pinterest

Lastly, you can also use LED light strips to highlight your furniture. These include tables, wardrobes, sofas, chairs, bookshelves, and other indoor as well as outdoor furniture.

LED Lighting Tips

  • Your furniture is only considered minor items in your home so we recommend using not-so-bright LED strip lights. Low-wattage LED lights like SMD 3528 (60 LEDs/m) and SMD 2835 (120 LEDs/m) would be suitable. However, you can still use colored LEDs.
  • You can use rechargeable batteries (DC 12V) for your LED furniture light strips.

Wrapping Up

Engaging in creative activities has been proven to improve one’s mental health. Likewise, interior design also affects your happiness so transforming your home into one that satisfies you helps in reducing stress and anxiety. So hopefully, our interior remodeling DIYs were able to help you in making your home into a happier place.

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