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Container House Price in the Philippines

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Key Takeaways:

Container house prices in the Philippines vary depending on the following:

  • Type of container house
  • Finish: Wall, Flooring, Additional Cladding, etc.
  • Amount of On-site Customization

If you’re on the lookout for an innovative and cost-effective housing solution in the Philippines, container homes might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of container housing, explore price ranges, and provide insights into finding affordable container house options.

Flatpack Container (39)
Flatpack Container (10)

Container house prices can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Design and Complexity: The design intricacy and complexity of your container home play a significant role in determining its cost. Customized designs or more intricate layouts may require additional investment.
    2. Materials and Quality: The quality of materials used in your container house can impact the price. High-quality containers and premium building materials may come at a slightly higher cost but can ensure longevity and durability.
    3. Additional Features: If you desire special features like energy-efficient systems, luxurious finishes, or unique architectural elements, expect the price to reflect these additions.

Container House Price

Container house architecture has been steadily gaining popularity in the Philippines as a smart alternative to conventional housing. In general, container house prices are generally low cost.

These container houses are meticulously crafted with modularity in mind, allowing for versatile and customizable arrangements. This modular design approach ensures that you can easily adapt and expand your living space to suit your evolving needs and preferences.

Detachable Home Price

A detachable container house is the most common type of container house in the Philippines. It is made of steel that can withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions.

This is the most affordable prefabricated container house with a price ranging from 190,000PHP to 220,000PHP. Price fluctuations within this range can be attributed to factors such as the choice of materials, overall quality, column thickness, and flooring options.

Overall, if you’re opting to build a container house in the Philippines, expect the cost range to be Php 19,000 to Php 35,000 per square meter as of 2023. This is usually based on factors like size, design, materials, and location.

Choosing Your Wall Construction and Finish

Insulation Types

Wall Thickness

Steel Plate Thickness


EPS Foam Sandwich Panel



Economical insulation option with a shorter lifespan; ideal for temporary structures

Rockwool Sandwich Panel



Offers a balanced blend of affordability and quality; fire-resistant, making it suitable for housing

PU Sandwich Panel



Premium choice often used in prefab warehouse construction; boasts enhanced aesthetics and durability

Floor Board Options




Glass Fiber Magnesium Board


Offers standard pricing with a sturdy and durable flooring option

Composite Wood Floor


Can be tailored to your preferences and budget, providing a customizable look

Solid Wood Floor


Customizable to your design preferences, offering a classic and timeless appearance

Cement Floor


Provides durability and strength; a solid foundation for your space

Vinyl Floor


Offers customization options with a balance of affordability and aesthetics

Quantity of Containers

A standard 20-ft container house boasts interior dimensions of 5.95m x 3m, equating to approximately 17.85 square meters of floor space for a single unit. This area is well-suited for accommodating the fundamental components of a home, including a bed, compact countertop, dining table, and a modest comfort room.

Concerned that the space within a single 20-ft container house might be too limited for your needs? You can easily expand your living area by incorporating additional units into your design. However, it’s crucial to factor in your available lot area and adhere to the minimum setback requirements outlined in the National Building Code of the Philippines.

Additional Add-Ons and Considerations

When planning your container house project, keep in mind that you can further customize your space with add-ons like shed roofs, roof trusses, or roof decks. Each of these options comes with its own price range, so be sure to factor them into your budget.

Shed Roof – 25,000PHP to 40,000PHP
Roof with Trusses – 60,000PHP to 90,000PHP
Roof Deck – 100,000 to 150,000 PHP

*Delivery cost may increase if add ons are added

Installation Fee

Installation fees will vary depending on your location but typically start at 20,000 PHP. It’s important to note that installation fees do not cover plumbing, electrical work, structural excavation, or general requirements.

For a more accurate estimate, consider reaching out to us.

Average Container House Prices in the Philippines

On average, modular container houses in the Philippines can cost anywhere from Php 19,000 to Php 35,000 per square meter. This price range is relatively affordable compared to traditional standard housing, which typically falls within the range of Php 25,000 to Php 50,000 per square meter.

How Much Does a Container House Cost? Case Studies

1. Install and Go Basic Container House

This means the container house supplier just installs a standard container house without any customizations.

Flatpack container house

Price Breakdown:

Total Cost: Ranges from 216,000 PHP to 253,000 PHP

2. Customized Prefab Container House Then Install Onsite

2 storey container house 2
2 storey container house interior

Price Breakdown:

3. Delivery and On-site Customization & Installation

The scope of work varies depending on the requirements of the client. For example:
arcgo container house
The pricing depends on the scope of work, but is generally based on the traditional construction rates. Please contact us for a quotation.
Basically, the cost of a container house depends on various factors, as mentioned earlier. To get an accurate estimate, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements and consult with container house suppliers for pricing details.

One 20 ft Prefab Container House Cost

single container house interior design 2-3

If you’re considering a unique and cozy temporary home for your next vacation, this 20-ft prefab container house is worth exploring. It’s designed to comfortably accommodate a couple and comes equipped with essential amenities. You can even consider renting it out on platforms like Airbnb.

It can fit on a double bed, a wall-mount shelf, a small sofa, a television, a small comfort room, and a small cooking area. 

Design Elements:

Wall Finish: Standard Rockwool Sandwich Panel, no extra wall cladding
Floor: Medium Hardwood Floor
Windows: 2 standard windows
Door: 1 standard door
Kitchen: L-type kitchen cabinet with wooden countertop

Cost Estimate:

Container House Unit = 195,000 to 205,000 PHP
Additional Cost for Hardwood Flooring = 300 to 500 PHP per square foot
Prefab CR (Shower and Toilet, floor tiles only) = 40,000PHP to 60,000PHP
Prefab Kitchen Counter – 50,000PHP to 80,000PHP
Delivery = 20,000 to 40,000 PHP depending on location

Prefab unit installation (depends on location) – starts at 30,000PHP

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, container houses can often be more budget-friendly compared to traditional housing. The cost savings come from the use of repurposed containers and streamlined construction processes.
Container homes are typically cheaper to build than traditional homes due to the lower cost of materials and shorter construction timelines. However, the final cost can still vary based on design and customization.
Yes, container homes can be financed through various channels, including personal savings, traditional home loans, or specialized loans for alternative housing. In the Philippines, PAG-IBIG loans, for instance, can be used for container house construction.

The cost of a container house varies widely based on factors like size, design, and location.

As mentioned earlier, modular container houses in the Philippines can cost anywhere from Php 19,000 to Php 35,000 per square meter.

Keep in mind that these are average price ranges, and the actual cost of a container house can vary based on your specific preferences and requirements. Consulting with container house suppliers and builders is essential to get accurate pricing information for your unique project.

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